Police officer caught with charged mobile phone batteries in Maafushi Prison

Head of Department and Penitentiary and Rehabilitation Services (DPRS) Mohamed Rasheed has confirmed that a police officer is being questioned for allegedly attempting to smuggle charged phone batteries to inmates at Maafushi prison.

”When he [the police officer] entered through the prison gates, our prison officers suspected that he was up to something,” said Rasheed. ”So prison officers followed him and made sure that something was going with him.”

After the prison officers were sure, Rasheed said prison officers immediately informed the police about the matter.

”Police searched his body and discovered those items on him,” he said. ”We did not search his body because he was a police officer and we thought it would be best to let the police do it.”

Rasheed said that a part of Maafushi Prison had been given to police temporarily to use to keep pre-trial detainees.

Police Sub-Inspector Ahmed Shiyam also confirmed that a police officer was caught with two charged batteries on him.

”We are investigating the case,” Shiyam said. ”Two extra mobile phones were found with him as well.”

In March last year, State Home Minister Ahmed Adil said several jail officers are being investigated on suspicion of helping inmates to bring mobile phones and drugs into cells in Male’ prison.

He also claimed that prison officers were helping inmates to bring in mobile phones and drugs.


5 thoughts on “Police officer caught with charged mobile phone batteries in Maafushi Prison”

  1. The whole country is corrupted from top to bottom. The drug dealers and the powerful business community are the most influential people in the society. It is public information that these drug dealers bribe government officials and other authorities. The police officer case is just a small fraction of what's really happening in the underground world. We have about 30,000 drug addicts in this country now, and tomorrow we will have half the population of drug addicts. It is very scary future. More dramas and hot news ahead! The poor public is helpless.

  2. @mkh

    "The poor public is helpless."

    No, the "poor" public isn't helpless. The public has a huge responsibility to root out the evil of drug abuse. There are a lot of people who know about drug dealers and their supply chains.

    The "poor" public do NOT want to share this information with the authorities. The public do have a choice and are not helpless.

    There is also a huge responsibility in bringing up children in the right away and steering away from drugs. Parents can't just throw their hands up in the air.

    This whole concept of the "poor public is helpless" is just non-sense.

  3. Nothing new of the act but good thing the douche was caught

  4. I wait eagerly for news of legal action against this police officer!

  5. @ ABABS is absolutely right!
    The public ain't no longer poor!
    They do have a choice and they will!

    Problem here is that many of this so called "poor public" under an illusion that they have to go begging to get anything done!
    No! They do not have to!

    They can claim their share and will claim their share once they get over this "go begging" illusion.

    Then it would be hard times for those who have wronged them!

    True course as it appear, has been shown. It is for the public to take it!


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