High Court upholds injunction preventing Haveeru sale

The High Court has upheld a Civil Court injunction preventing the sale of Haveeru, the Maldives’ largest print and online newspaper.

In a ruling issued Thursday (July 25), Sun Online reported that the High Court upheld an injunction on selling the paper until hearings were concluded into a dispute over an alleged failure by Haveeru Chairman Mohamed Zahir Hussain to pay an agreed share of the publication’s profit to two other individuals dating back to 1983.

Local media reported that the High Court ruled no sale of Haveeru could be permitted until questions over the publication’s ownership were resolved by the Civil Court.

Minivan News understands that Haveeru has been placed for sale by its chairman and was soliciting bidders in May this year.

The Maldives’ second oldest newspaper, Miadhu News, and its assets were meanwhile bought in April by presidential candidate and Jumhoree Party (JP) Leader, MP Gasim Ibrahim.