Home Ministry announces events to commemorate 2004 tsunami

The government has announced it will mark “Unity Day” to commemorate the tsunami disaster of 2004 and to strengthen bonds between citizens. As in the past 8 years, the Home Ministry has announced that one minute of silence will be observed on the streets on Thursday morning at 9:20am.

The official state event will be held in the Islamic Centre at 10:30am.

The Home Ministry has also revealed that it will be organising a nationwide cleaning program to mark the Unity Day which falls on December 26.

According to the Home Ministry, the cleaning program will be conducted on Saturday from 7:30am to 12:30pm in both Male’ and the atolls. It has extended invitations to clubs and organisations to join the event.

Clean up will be focused on specific locations selected by the island councils.

The 2004 tsunami resulted in 82 deaths and 26 missing persons in the Maldives.