Majlis Committee to seek public opinion on Maumoon Hameed

People’s Majlis’ Independent Institutinos Committee has decided to seek public opinion on Maumoon Hameed, President Abdulla Yameen’s nephew whose name he recently proposed for the post of Prosecutor General.

Speaking to local media, Chair of the Committee MP Ahmed Sameer said members of the public can give their views on Maumoon Hameed through the People’s Majlis website till 10:00 am next Monday. He said the parliament is currently working on technical details to make this possible and comments submitted will not be publicized to prevent it from being abused. The committee members will seek answers from Maumoon Hameed for comments made.

“PG has the power to prosecute or not prosecute, so the committee felt it is very important to know the publics opinion on such a person. Our objective is to carry out everything related to his position in the most transparent manner, because it is such a revered and exalted position.” MP Sameer was quoted as saying.

Hameed who is a lawyer by profession has to win parliamentary majority approval before he can be appointed to the position.