HPA warns of viral fever and common cold epidemic

The Health Protection Agency (HPA) has warned of a viral fever and common cold epidemic in the Maldives.

According to the agency, approximately 1600 cases of viral fever 2000 cases of common cold and diarrhea are being reported every week.

A health alert issued on Thursday also expressed concern over rising dengue fever cases. Approximately 20 cases of dengue fever are being reported every week in the past two weeks.

“There have been 20 cases of dengue fever, reported on average, every week in the past two weeks. This agency also notes the common cold cases being reported at the moment are stronger than usual.”

Noting that viral fever and common cold are highly contagious, the agency has called on individuals with symptoms such as fever, cough or cold to avoid public places.

The HPA has also instructed those infected to cover their mouths and noses when coughing and to increase fluid intake.

Increase in dengue is linked to increased mosquito breeding with the southwest monsoon in full swing, the agency said and has urged the public to eradicate mosquito breeding grounds and take steps such as applying mosquito repellant to decrease the risk of infection.

HPA also called on the public to pay attention to cleanliness, such as washing hands before preparing food and refrigerating food, to decrease risk of infection.