Indian expatriate found dead in Thilafushi

An Indian expatriate was found dead in his living quarters in the industrial island of Thilafushi last night (May 26), local media reports.

The apparent suicide was reported to police around 9:40 pm after the Indian national was discovered by his co-workers. The man appears to have hung himself, local media said.

According to the co-workers, the man had been missing for two days.


2 thoughts on “Indian expatriate found dead in Thilafushi”

  1. I once visited Thilafushi. Hell on earth. At least I had the option of being able to leave. There is something seriously wrong with the world. The Maldives is a seriously wrong place as well, but in truth, it is just like the rest of the world, but on a smaller scale.

  2. The Indian embassy should investigate the death of this poor man. The investigations should be carried out by the Indian police and not by the corrupt and incompetent local police.
    May his soul rest in peace.


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