Two attempted suicides reported on Saturday

Two cases of attempted suicide were reported in Malé and Meemu Atoll Muli today.

A woman in Malé stabbed herself in the stomach after her husband left to Syria, local media report. The 28-year-old woman was hospitalized at 1:30pm today and underwent a surgery, police said.

According to Haveeru, the woman’s husband left to Syria last week with a second wife. He was a suspect in the Sultan Park bombing of 2007.

Scores of Maldivians have left the country to fight with radical Islamist groups in Iraq and Syria. Some include women and children.

In Meemu Atoll Muli, a 26-year old man attempted to commit suicide at 12:40am after a quarrel with his family. When police officers broke down his door, he had already inflicted harm to some areas of his body, the police said.

Attempting to commit suicide is a class one misdemeanor in the new penal code and is punishable by up to a one year in prison.


Indian expatriate found dead in Thilafushi

An Indian expatriate was found dead in his living quarters in the industrial island of Thilafushi last night (May 26), local media reports.

The apparent suicide was reported to police around 9:40 pm after the Indian national was discovered by his co-workers. The man appears to have hung himself, local media said.

According to the co-workers, the man had been missing for two days.


Man commits suicide inside Jumhooree Party campaign office

Police have this morning discovered the dead body of a Maldivian man inside Jumhooree Party (JP) campaign office on Lonuziyarai Magu next to Ameer Ahmed School in Henveiru.

People gathered in the area as police searched the place for objects related to the incident, telling local newspapers that the body was discovered this morning at about 8:30am.

According to people living in the area it was the body of a 27 year-old man.

The JP office in Lonuziyarai Magu was opened before the first round of presidential elections held in September since it closed for the elections first round no political activities have been carried out in the place.

The campaign office, which has no roof or door and is open for anyone to enter, was used by drug addicts living in the area after the JP stopped conducting political activities in the area, according to local newspapers.

The police spokesperson did not respond to Minivan News at time of press.

However, police have told the local newspaper that the case was reported to police by the girlfriend of the man this morning at 8:30am and that his girlfriend told the police that he had recently told her that he would commit suicide.

Local newspapers also reported that the police had arrested his girlfriend.


Indian teacher working at Eydhafushi School found dead in suspected suicide

An Indian computer teacher working at Baa Atoll School on the island of Eydhafushi has been found dead in a suspected suicide.

The Eydhafushi Times, an online newspaper based on the island, identified the teacher as 27 year-old Shathis Raj.

Eydhafushi Island Councilor Mohamed Riza told Minivan News that he was called by the council and informed of  the incident at 9:30 am this morning.

‘’I went [to the victim’s house] 10 minutes later and the body had already been taken to the hospital. But I waited and took a look at the scene,’’ Riza said.

Riza said he went to the hospital where he received news that the teacher had been dead for eight hours.

‘’We do not know why he had committed suicide, there are lots of rumors spreading around but I do not wish to say those things because they might not be true,’’ he said.

‘’He was a very friendly teacher and hangs out with islanders,’’ he said. ‘’He has been working on this island for three years and five months.’’

According to Riza, the teacher was admitted to the hospital last week after he attempted suicide by eating some pills.

The Head of Eydhafushi Hospital Ahmed Waheed said the body was brought to the hospital this morning around 10:00am, where doctors pronounced him dead. The body was sent to Dharavandhoo island [in Baa Atoll] to be sent to Male’.’’

Waheed said there were rumors going around saying that the teacher’s suicide was related to his relationship with a woman.


Dhuvaafaru woman rescued from suicide attempt by police

A woman on Dhuvaafaru Island in Raa Atoll was saved from committing suicide by the police, reports local media.

Police received a report Monday (May 13) night that a 26 year-old woman was attempting to take her own life by swimming away from Dhuvaafaru. At approximately 11pm officers in uniform waded out into the sea to rescue the woman.

According to police, the woman was trying to commit suicide due to “family problems”.

She was put in the care of the island’s Family and Children’s Center following the incident, said police.


Housing minister expresses sadness over suspected suicide of Bangladeshi maid

Housing Minister Dr Mohamed Muiz has issued a statement expressing sadness over the death on Saturday (December 22) of a Bangladeshi woman employed as a maid at his Male’ residence.  Police have said they they are presently treating the death as a suspected suicide.

Dr Muiz confirmed that the deceased had been employed at the home he shared with his wife and two children, while also expressing deep sadness over the incident.

Muiz claimed he was first informed of the death while visiting Hulhumale’ with his wife. He added that after hearing of the incident he immediately called Police Commissioner Abdulla Riyaz.

According to the statement, police officers were already at the scene by the time the housing minister arrived home.

Muiz said that he hoped that further details concerning the case would be released after police had completed their investigation.

The statement also expressed sadness over what some people were allegedly saying about the incident through social media.

Speaking of the deceased, the housing minister stated she had been very good in her duties as well as being very close to his children and a key part of their lives.

“Initial stage”

The Maldives Police Service has said that that investigations were presently at an “initial stage” and it could not therefore disclose any more details on the case, which was presently being treated as a suicide for undisclosed reasons.

Speaking to Minivan News yesterday (December 24), Police Spokesperson Sub-Inspector Hassan Haneef confirmed that the body of a 24 year-old female had been found in an apartment on the ninth floor of Chandhanee House in Maafannu Ward.

“I cannot reveal any more until we complete our investigations.  We will not come to any conclusions before that,” he said.
Hours after the body was found on Saturday evening, Police Commissioner Abdulla Riyaz left a message on the social media site Twitter stating: “Police is investigating the suicide case.”

Man dies of injuries following apparent suicide attempt

A 34 year-old man has died while being treated for injuries suffered in an apparent attempt to hang himself on Wednesday.

Police Sub-Inspector Ahmed Shiyam said that the man was found injured inside the apartment he lived in Male’. He had the pulse when he was taken to the hospital, Shiyam said, “However died during the treatment.”

He said the case is currently under investigation.

Local media outlet Sun identified the man as Junaid Jaufar of Maajehige on Gadhoo in Gaafu Dhaalu Atoll.


Maldivian national commits suicide in Trivandrum, phone in hand

A 22 year-old Maldivian studying in Trivandrum, India hanged himself in his room on Wednesday, October 19.

Another Maldivian residing in Trivandrum reported that the young man had been “seen having fun” earlier that day, Haveeru reports.

The individual told Haveeru that the suicide was triggered by a relationship issue, noting that the young man been found dead with a phone in his hand.

The young man was studying for a diploma in Airport Management, and was planning to visit Male’ in November. His body has been transferred to a mortuary for examination.