Indian MP Rahul Gandhi arrives in Malé today

Indian MP Rahul Gandhi arrived in Malé International Airport this afternoon. He was met by President Nasheed, Vice President Dr Mohamed Waheed and other members of government.

After his arrival, the President received him in his office were they discussed the developmental cooperation between the two countries, and what areas of trade and cooperation could be improved. Rahul assured India’s investment in the Maldives will continue.

Both President Nasheed and MP Rahul agreed that continued cooperation and friendship between the countries was essential to both nations. The President also mentioned that Rahul’s visit to the Maldives would boost relations between the neighbouring countries.

Rahul’s visit follows the recent agreement between the Maldives and India to sign a memorandum of understanding (MoU) regarding counter-terrorism. The MoU is to be signed in April 2010.