India’s image tarnished in Maldives: Zee News

There is no doubt that Nasheed, the self-proclaimed great lover of India, not only helped New Delhi track down extremists but also keep an edge over China in the India Ocean, writes Kamna Arora for Zee News.

Nasheed, 44, even questioned after receiving cold shoulder from New Delhi: “My question to Indian establishment is that if they think we did not perform, do they think this is a better option?” referring to the opposition Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM) of former dictator Abdul Gayoom. “Unlike PPM, we are a group of people who strongly believe in India, their role and functions in Indian Ocean and the relationship that we want with India,” he said.

The former Maldivian president went on to predict that India will lose to China under the new regime. India’s image also got tarnished in Maldives, which relies heavily on New Delhi for everything ranging from employment and education to health services and entertainment. A Maldivian friend, who declined to be named, told me that the swift recognition of the new regime has dented New Delhi’s image so much that ordinary Maldivians do not trust India anymore. What is India’s plan to regain that trust is yet to be found out.

Reports indicate that the new Maldivian regime is closer to inking a defence agreement with China. If that happens, what is India’s plan to gain an edge apropos China in the Indian Ocean region?

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