Islam as a political weapon in the Maldives: Eurasia Review

It is very unfortunate that almost all the political parties except the MDP are using religion as a political tool to keep former president Nasheed from winning the presidential elections this September, writes Dr S Chandrasekharan for the Eurasia Review.

Their main thrust in the election campaign is that all the parties are out to save Islam from Nasheed and his MDP!

It may be recalled that in the famous February 7 coup of 2012, the Islamists along with other recalcitrant elements spearheaded the move to oust a lawfully elected government of Nasheed.

Nasheed is pitching for a “liberal Islam.” Last month on the 28th, he said that what is worrying is that “radical Islam” and “Wahabism” is spreading throughout the Middle East and East Asia and that this is not the Islam but more “hijaz or Saudi thinking, and their culture”. He said that it more an idea to impose that (Saudi) culture on all Islamic societies.

Nasheed added that people have not stood up and given an alternative narrative. It is so important now to come up with an alternative narrative, a liberal version of Islam or actual version” of Islam.” I have no doubt that this kind of statements would affect adversely his chances in the coming elections.

Nasheed is thus not only taking on other political parties but also the mighty Saudi Arabia in his electioneering campaign! He has also criticised the Islamic scholars who according to him “were using religion as a tool to attain their individual political aspirations.”

The crucial point that should be of interest is whether Nasheed will be allowed to contest the next presidential elections. His growing popularity may provoke the extremist elements to do away with him. His personal security is of utmost importance now. It is for India and other international players to ensure a free, fair, violence free and an inclusive election.

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5 thoughts on “Islam as a political weapon in the Maldives: Eurasia Review”

  1. Another load of rubbish by some nobody from nowhere. Wonder why these guys don't ever get tired of lying and repeating the lie so many times.

    The facts in Maldives is clear. The country is overwhelmingly secular. The only religious party Adhaalath barely got enough members to keep it from disqualifying for lack of numbers. But the kuffar would have every other kuffar believe that there is a majority of conservatives in the country.
    As for Nasheed, he lost power to PPM and DRP rival political parties. Adhaalath was nothing compared to these giant parties in numbers.

    But why all the lying...

  2. Please don't exclude MDP from this either. MDP banked heavily on the religious cane, when they ousted MAG. Its true they use it far less than the others. The others had no real substance, hence subjugation by religious hocus pocus, was their primary weapon of choice.

    The only two people who dared to confront the ignorant Maldivian-mullah-zombies are Ibra and Anni, and they too were testing the waters for lurking barracudas.

  3. Nasheed is the man who had given a cabinet folio to Adhaalth party first time in the history of Maldives.

    So it is questionable who is using Islam as a tools to win the election.

    In 2008, Nasheed used Adaalth to win and use saikh Ilyas very strongly to do anti-campign against Gayyoom dictatorial regime .

    These kind of articles appearing in some media are Nasheed sponsored article and we are not afraid of that and neither this change our views on Nasheed.

    Nasheed will never be able to win any election in this country ever.

  4. extremist incidents of violence and involvement with jihadi groups.” You have got to be kidding me. The last incident of violence also was some half a decade ago in an island. The liberal party MDP had set fire to all the police buildings and courts in the south of the country, which had nothing do with religion but pure politics.

    So if you want to save Maldives or help Maldives, get out of your blindness and understand the real problem. There is a power struggle in Maldives where all the possible runners for power have no or less interest in religion than a regular guy. This is political extremism going on here not religious.

    Don’t destroy us with your misconceptions like you destroyed Vietnam.


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