Islamic Minister reportedly planning Islamic university in Maldives

Representatives of the Maldivian government have requested assistance from India’s Jamia Millia Islamia University in setting up an Islamic University in the country, reports Indian media.

The Business Standard reports that a delegation from the Islamic Ministry, led by Sheikh Mohamed Shaheem Ali Saeed, has visited the Delhi-based national Islamic university.

“Highlighting the Maldives’ successful assimilation of Western education into Islam, the visiting minister underscored the need to promote Islam, which was liberal, tolerant and integrated varied influences,” reported the Business Standard.

As part of an Islamic education drive, the current government has introduced Arabic lessons to schools, promising to focus on Islamic education and the study of Quran.

The paper reported Shameem as pointing out the Maldives’ had been “immensely successful in making women equal stakeholders in the country’s affairs as was evident from the assumption of high offices by them in different walks of life.”

Following the conclusion of the country’s recent Majlis elections, both the Commonwealth and the EU observer missions noted the “extremely low numbers of female candidates,” with a total of 23 female candidates – just 5 of whom were elected.

The World Economic Forum last year reported that Maldivian women experienced relative equality in terms of health and education, they were found to be falling behind in terms of political and economic participation.


4 thoughts on “Islamic Minister reportedly planning Islamic university in Maldives”

  1. Why did the writer use the phrase "reportedly planning". Whats wrong in establishing a university as such. Its a segment, a niche. There are plenty of universities in the world with names relating to other religions also. For example Catholic University of Leuven in Belgium. Going back to what I said before on niche..lets put an example of something not related to religion. Have a look at the course content of PhD programme on marketing in National University of Singapore and that of Nanyang Technological University. The former has modules related more on business and supply side, where as the latter has a focus on consumer and behavioral aspects. An Islamic University in the Maldives, could do research in the Maldives on islamic education, islamic history, calligraphy, law, international relations and many more. Students have the option of attending a university he wish, no one forces. Many universities in the west also have niches in their programmes...honestly im surprized at the narrowmindedness of the people who claim to be openminded.

    1. 'Reportedly' was used as the article reports on a story researched by another media outlet. Minivan News has not verified that the information reported by the Business Standard is true. The word was not intended to be perjorative, and we apologise if it has been interpreted as such.

  2. Daniel, My apology for not clearly understanding on how that term "reportedly" could be used. I agree you about it now.


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