Islamic Foundation of Maldives launches country’s first religious TV station

The Islamic Foundation of the Maldives (IFM) today launched a new television channel said to be exclusively geared towards religious programming, local media has reported.

The channel, known as MVTV, is planned to be broadcast on a daily basis between 2:00pm and midnight across the country on both the Maldives’ digital terrestrial network and satellite services.

Speaking to Sun Online, Ibrahim Mohamed, who heads the station’s production and broadcasting, claimed that the channel would make use of sheikhs “not active in politics” to provide religious information to viewers.

MVTV is available presently on channel 155 of the Medianet service, according to the report.

Correction: The headline to this story incorrectly stated that the Islamic Ministry was launching the religious television station. The station is being started by the Islamic Foundation of the Maldives, which is unaffiliated with the government. Minivan News regrets the error and apologises for any confusion.


7 thoughts on “Islamic Foundation of Maldives launches country’s first religious TV station”

  1. I Wish good luck.I hope this channel do it's best to spread Islamic teachings.

  2. Just what we need. Another misogynistic homophobic anti Semitic anti secular terroist breeding propaganda channel. We should closely monitor them and expose their hate.

  3. it is disgusting to see idiots using an invented word "Anti Semitic" while not having a slight idea of who uses it and what for. This is used to stoke hadred against Arabs by Zionists (not Jews). They are ignorant that Arabs are more Semitic than Jews. To Moskva Jaleelaa - stop using borrowed words while you are ignorant. You are of a creed that thrives more from borrowed ideologies,while remaining hollow to your identitiy and roots.

  4. We know these teachings only spread hate. The cultures these teaching have contributed have turned out to the most intolerant, barbaric medieval creatures on earth.

    But as per them, all the niceties, good behaviors, help offered have now been stolen from them, by the western people.

    We are already down the pit, just trying to crawl out to the world. Here we have yet another blow right in the face, looming up, which will cripple us, and shove right down to the bottom of the ignorant, hate-filled blackness of the bottomless pit.

  5. On this thread we are already seeing Jew hating & Zionist hating scum rising to the top. How about a whole TV channel to bash Jews and Zionists.
    This channel will feed the uneducated mass with extremist islamic rage against women, hatred and other warmongering literature towards groups of people.

  6. Please correct your headline.

    Or else this amounts to defamation.

    MVTV is wholly owned and operated under a private company incorporated in the Maldives. The channel has no affiliation whatsoever with the government.

    Thank you for bringing this to our attention. The headline has been amended and a correction issued. -Minivan News team


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