Hackers target Islamic Foundation website, circulate false press release

The religious NGO Islamic Foundation of the Maldives has said a press release issued to several media outlets regarding the resignation of Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) Religious Council leader, and supporting the government’s education policy, was not from the Foundation.

Sheikh Adam ‘B.A’ Naseem resigned from the party yesterday, in opposition to the government’s education policy.

“The press release was sent in the name of the Islamic Foundation supporting the Education Minister Dr Musthafa Luthfy, and opposing the leader of MDP Religious council Sheikh Naseem,’’ said the President of the Islamic Foundation Ibrahim Fauzee. “The press release is misleading and could potentially harm the reputation of the foundation.”

‘’The statement alleges that Adam Naseem resigned due to political issues and for his own political interest.’’

Fauzy said the case had been reported to police for investigation.

‘’The press release was first uploaded on our website yesterday, it came to our attention and we removed the press release, and again it was uploaded to our website,’’ said Fauzee.  ‘’By then we realised our website had been hacked.’’

He said that he had no idea who was responsible for the attack on the NGO’s website.

”We also have information that the statement was distributed on the streets,” he added.


29 thoughts on “Hackers target Islamic Foundation website, circulate false press release”

  1. wtf. who would want to waste time on hacking some mulla website. im sure this would be an inside job by a mulla who supports musthafa but is scared fareed might kill him if he supports him openly.

  2. I heard that religious NGO Salaf officials were behind it as Islamic Foundation has become much more stronger and popular than salaf.

  3. ali,

    why are u using the word mulla so often???
    wat's wrong with u???

    tell me wat a mulla did for u? do u know the meaning mulla? i feel u r using this word to degrade someone if so be ware!

    My friend, Mullah means a person learned in the field of theology and the sacred law...do u think u can degrade someone using this word???

    Please try to use words that give a meaning my friend...also try to use appropriate words instead of using mulla all the time and everywhere

  4. "fareed might kill him".... Minivan moderators: now I have questions about why you tend to block my comments when the name "Ibrahim Husen Zaki" comes in....

    The earlier justification doesn't sound too good...

  5. What amaze me is that without their knowing some people uploaded the press release, but they have the power to take the press release from their website.

  6. Well these stupid secularists don't even know the meaning of mulla. The more you use the word mulla the more you are praising us.

  7. mee salaf meehun adeega thibegen kuri kameh. radio atoll therein ves mikahala ehchehi thakeh Salafun upload koggen ulhegen falhaa eri.

  8. Ali i advise you to read the translation of Quran if your a muslim.
    read & compare the mullas & you from the nobal words of Allah.
    if the Mullas side is wining I mean more closer to the paradise then it is wise to change your mind.
    Also Read Sahih bukhari & muslim its also avilabe in several languages.

  9. @ Abu Aisha - Sahih Bukhari and Muslim is full of lies and contradiction. Bukhari claimed he had evaluated 600,000 hadith within 15 years! Take a calculator and count. That means 2 hadith per hour, that also no sleeping, no eating, no drinking, no shitting and just evaluating! Whom are you going to fool?

  10. and yeah we are using mullah as in MULLAH OMAR! the terrorist wahaabee! MAKE ANGRY PEOPLE!

  11. @zanjabeel..what ever the meaning mulla meant those days is long gone and its history. In todays world mulla come with a tag like Bloody Islamic Terrorist aka radical. OK!!!

  12. LOL. i think we should not use mullah alone. we sud use it as extreme intolerant mullah and i guess we should start using the word mullah more and more coz they seem to be very pissed. lol

  13. @ali who commented on this post on Mon, 8th Nov 2010 2:57 PM
    what u said was just a joke 4 me "who would want to waste time on hacking some mulla websit" LOLX
    how many Islamic Websites and Blogs are being hacked every day. you guys....... ok. waste time on doin such unethical tasks.

  14. Haha, are the wahhabis who comment on this website pissed? Mullah, like Ali mentioned, nowadays means a retarded intolerant extremist.

    Plus is this another stunt by IF (founded by a former Guantanamo Bay prisoner) to get more attention from the majority of Maldivians who don't give a damn?

  15. its hilarious that fareed thinks so big of himself that he shouts to the world that his website got hacked. LOL. who hacks a website and leaves it alone to just upload a lame statement of some small fake mullaz resignation from MDP and of all who cares if Islamic foundation supports the education policy or not. if anyone gives a damn abt. mullas of Maldives they would nt even have considered making a policy that will be rejected by mullaz. I m sure if someone hacked the foundations website they would have left it with a porn photo instead of a lame statement ..i ll still say this was an inside job of Islamic foundation nothing to do with a hacker. LOL

  16. You stupid secular left wing liberal elitist morons.

    Allah knows best and got the power to stop your infidel Internet nonsense at will.

    Although I am not sure why He is sending all those floods and quakes to locations where are there aren't much of the global Internet infrastructure. But I bet there must be a reason behind that. Perhaps he wants to test us. Yeah, I am sure that must be it.

  17. sounds like Islamic Foundation wants some free publicity.
    Since at the moment they have no victim to pick on, they decided to play the victim here.
    Oh maybe there are internal splits in the foundation itself.

  18. u ppl will see soon , whats funny and not,"wahhabis" or "mulahs" never gets pissed masha allah.and u dont even know the meaning of these words,u should ashamed of yourself to call urself muslim names,read the book of allah ,try to learn about islam, waanuwaa neyngigen anganuthalha!!if nobody will waste time on "mullah" websits u wudnt be here commenting all day against islam and ur creator.ur love to materialsm will pay soon.and btw if fareedh and "mullahs" do kill people , u hypcrites will be in ur graves feeling guilty , and pain for all the rubbish uv been talking about and promoting ,,, wake up!!!!!! ,,
    uv been warned ...

  19. O bloody hell!

    That must be 100 percent direct curse from God on Islamic Foundation...

    Boys! go repent go...

  20. As if all their press releases aren't false to some extent.


    You're a pretty angry little fella for a holy man. You expect people to follow you by yelling at them?

    Are you threatening us? What are you threatening us with?

    Are you going to kill a few people to spread the religion of peace?

    You should be ashamed to call yourself a Muslim.

    For the life of me, I can't imagine the prophet speaking like you red necks.

    You're a disgrace to all of Islam and what Mohamed stood for.


    Since when was "warned" a Muslim name?

    If you're a shining beacon of hope, why don't you use your real name?

    Are you a terrorist of some sort?

    Why so shady?

    Is it because you're afraid?

    Why are you so afraid?

    You sound like you have it all figured out, here and in the afterlife.

    Is it cos you're just a coward?

  21. Please use the intelligence in your brains. Whether you call Him, Allah, God, Jehova, Buddha or whatever, it doesn't really matter.

    Fact is ALL religions are the work of men! Believe in whatever you want to believe and try to be nice to each other and try to live in peace. You've got less than a century to be here; don't make it so complicated!

  22. "Retarded intolerant extremist mullahs" are easy to provoke anger because they usually (most probably always)live a life based on emotions, unlike a sane person who would base their decision on logic and reason.

  23. @ Iyad, who said:
    "Sahih Bukhari and Muslim is full of lies and contradiction. Bukhari claimed he had evaluated 600,000 hadith within 15 years! Take a calculator and count. That means 2 hadith per hour, that also no sleeping, no eating, no drinking, no shitting and just evaluating!"

    Whare did you get that from??? That's bullshit spread by Islam haters.

    @ Ahmed Ibn Addu, for his last comment:

    You said 'Fact is ALL religions are the work of men???? Really? and you claim to have 'intelligence in your brains'?? I do agree with you on the last part of that sentence though.

    But you should know that every true religion has been revealed by God through His messengers the prophets (upon whom be blessings and peace).
    There are plenty of proof for that, and I sincerely hope that you find it.

  24. people chill... as one said life is too short!!!for stop fighting over which religion is right. so live life to the max. and find the truth afterlife or you maybe too disappointed then that what you fight for so hard was just a bongos created by ourselves.

  25. We need to believe in God...be guided... look at our comments. We should be ashamed. see our youth now. aethists who mock the believers...most of which I know are depressed. Then there are the two categories...The ones on drugs who are unemployed, dirty, unkept, stoned, unable to adjust their falling jeans..so weak. Than there are the butchers...playing baibala and slaying. Arnt your Mullas assisting us?
    Arnt they lighting a path by which youth could follow. Are we to leave our legacy to the bangladeshis here? should we not be trying to make something out of our youth. can your athiesm knock them out of self destruction? Or is it a destructive thing itself?

  26. @-Iyad
    Dear Iyad, my dear phyciatric patient, my silly half brain brother, use your brain and senses instead of christian missionary. Billions of US $ being spent to malign the image of the only peaceful, harmonious, justful, glorious, truthful...... Religion on the face of earth.
    Reply to your 'baseless comment ' regearding BUKHARI AND MUSLIM, if you read any book from the BUKHARI, you will understand that after an each Hadith, the next hadith quoted as same as the previous hadith, here you will find the same hadith, but the person who is quoted is different, if you have sense of logic you will understand that for each different hadith it will take more time to record, in the same way, one hadith has been recorded with different reference will surely take less time.
    Please don't borrow christian brain, their book is fabricated, their minds are corrupted, they obviously jelous of peaceful religion ISLAM. I'm sure you'll understand if you are a muslim.
    Let me know if you are a christian missionary paid agent.


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