Island chiefs, magistrates and secretaries on alms list: NSPA

A number of island chiefs, magistrates and secretaries have signed up for alms under the government’s social welfare programme, the National Social Protection Agency (NSPA) has claimed.

Speaking to Haveeru, NSPA Chairman Ibrahim Waheed observed that “some of the government employees that collect the highest salaries are also registered on the list.”

“According to my knowledge, alms are paid to the poor,” he said.

The recipients were discovered during a review of the alms list, after the government granted those on the list free participation in the Madhana health insurance service.


One thought on “Island chiefs, magistrates and secretaries on alms list: NSPA”

  1. This is ridiculous! thankfukeh boduvaru dho Magistratun nah libbilavva varu adhives madhee thoche!!Kobabaa dheenee aqeedha aa dheenee tharubiyyathu. Moral is emeehakah jehunu echcheh kevunu gothakah kai nagan veeyey dho?


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