Islamic Ministry receives Rf14.8 million in public donations for mosque repairs

The Ministry of Islamic Affairs yesterday announced that Rf14.8 million (US$963,500) has been raised through public contributions to aid repairs of mosques across the country.

The ministry yesterday told media that Rf2,645,000 (US$171,530) had already been spent on repairs.

Minister of Islamic Affairs Sheikh Mohamed Shaheem Ali Saeed stated that the ministry had already begun repair work at 60 mosques as part of wider plans to renovate some 100 mosques around the nation.

Sheikh Shaheem added that additional funds were already on their way, with the ministry expecting to raise over Rf 15 million for the proposed repair work.

Shaheem also stated that the ministry has completed draft legislation designed to regulate the collection of alms (Zakat) and urged the general public to keep paying these funds despite the introduction of taxes.

“I call upon the general public to engage in giving alms. I believe that the existing laws for taxation have a mechanism to deduct the amount from tax money that has been given to alms,” he said. He further added that he would try to ease the procedure of re-imbursement of the money by contacting the relevant authorities.

The Islamic Ministry also revealed that from money collected as alms, Rf26 million has been spent last year to help the poor and the needy.

Shaheem claimed that about 490 parties have been provided with financial assistance from alms money to cover accidental losses and medical costs for procedures such as dialysis.

Aside from the assistance given to the general public, Shaheem also stated that the money collected was used to provide funding for students pursuing higher education both in the country and abroad.

“Previously the funds were used to provide books and stationary for the needy, but now that government provides it free for all students, we have decided to spend that money for higher education. This practice has been carried out in several Islamic countries,” he said.

The ministry also announced that it had opened up opportunities to apply for grant aid for students pursuing higher education in the Maldives. Shaheem said there was already a “long queue of students that are present to apply for the aid”

Also speaking at the press briefing, Minister of State for Islamic Affairs Ahmed Abdulla Didi claimed that the ministry had worked hard of late to build religious awareness amongst the public – with a specific focus on young people.

“As you would know, there are several grievous crimes committed in the society, we have made it a priority to work more on building religious awareness amongst the youth,” Didi said.

He added that the ministry was working on publishing and distributing pamphlets to build religious awareness among the youths as well as translating several Arabic books to Divehi.

He further added that the Islamic ministry is also conducting sermons across the country on religious awareness, including at rehabilitation centres and schools.


11 thoughts on “Islamic Ministry receives Rf14.8 million in public donations for mosque repairs”

  1. good work min of islamic affairs.
    happy that islam is not neglected like previous regime.

  2. Seykooo - Laari Laari.

    avahah theegen baeh bandu alhaa for family and your friends.

  3. Good move given the state of the public treasury.

    I also believe that the fundraising shows that the public is more than eager to spend on the upkeep and development of places of worship. This lends strength to the argument that in the future communities in the country will be ready to take over such duties from the State.

    When and if the trends allow I support devolving the construction and upkeep of mosques to private parties.

  4. good now we will have air conditioning in every mosque in Maldives for Ramadan 🙂 Do we have to raise funds for mosque repairs?? Where did the millions paid as zakat went?? Funds for repairing mosques doesnt make any sense at all.

  5. in a 100% muslim nation, eveyone going nuts over religion, it still baffles me why we have a special ministry for islam who is so eager to handles finances. starting to look like the billion dollar church funds/business to me.
    Why can't finance ministry handle the zakat funds and mosque funds? is some ministries less islamic in this republic of Islamic where every being is 100% muslim?
    im sorry but what wrong with people to not see what is actually happening here?

  6. If the scholars use their knowledge and power to spread what I sincerely, whole heartedly believe is the Essence of Islam, which is Mercy and Empathy, then I am glad the Public are paying for the upkeep of these Mosques.

    Sadly, I see Islam being used as a tool of division, a weapon, and it breaks my heart.

    It will not matter to me anyway, apparently I have broken the Maldivian law and am not welcome in Maldives anymore, for what I have said on here.

    That hurts me, I love Maldives, and these Mosques, and Allah, more than what you guys could believe a Westerner could, I spent hours of refuge in these Mosques, in Prayer, I found peace for the first time in my life in these Mosques, and this hurts me but, I will live with it.

    But, as I said to Wives and Concubines, What I cannot, and will not live with, is the injustice done, in the name of defending Islam, to innocent human beings!

    I admit, I have been torn up about religion, confused, since leaving Maldives, you must understand the background I come from, and the pain I had been put through by a few extremely powerful Maldivians! However, in my most painful moments of doubt I put on a face of staunch Iman for my children, because they are only children less than 12. Their Mother brings them up as strict Muslims. My children can read any Arabic, recite heaps of prayers.

    They have this idea, that their Mothers homeland (they were really only babies when we were in Maldives so all they remember is the love of our Maldivian family) is this Islamic paradise where everybody loves and cares for one another. They do not know the names of Anni, or Maumoon, or Judge Abdullah, or Yameen, or anybody else. They are totally innocent, little children, they pray five times a day, go Qur’an classes weekly, Arabic classes, and believe Islam is all about Mercy and Compassion.

    What is so tragic, is that, this is what we were told, by a Maldivian, whom I love dearly and who I assumed loved my Kids dearly, please, take a moment to digest the injustice of this. The words were, “because of the stuff Ben has said, on minivannews, Hilath’s blog, not only is Ben in danger if he comes here, he has broken our law, but you and the kids are in danger as well!”

    Considering what my kids believe, can you, could you begin to imagine the injustice of them being threatened because of MY confusion!

    Let me say, here for the record, sorry, sorry to Maumoon, Yameen, to the Sheiks, to Umar Naseer, to Gasim, Hassan Saeed, to Maumoon's spokesperson, to any Maldivians, for anything I have ever said, based on accusations I had no evidence of, my sorrow is genuine, though I know you would never believe that so I won't expect you to forgive me.

    I am not frightened for my sake, but at the end of the day I am a Father of Maldivian children and I do have a responsibilty towards their welfare. yOU SEE, for reasons that i cannot go into I, well at least the children must go back to Maldives. Yes, the responsibity I have towards my children, I have already betrayed that enough by sprouting out my problems, beliefs and doubts for the world (maldivian world anyway) to see. I mean, if i wanted to live a life as a martyr for the sake of truth and human rights, I should not have had a family. It was very selfish of me to have acted so irresponiby in the name of freedom!

    In my defence, I deeply underestimated how unjust and cruel Maldivians could actually be, I mean, I have always been prepared to die and suffer for what I believe, living in fear is a crueller death than death, but I HAD NO IDEA that my family would be threatened, I mean, I never DREAMED that the Maldivians could be THAT UNJUST to think of hurting innocent children because of the delusions of their psychotic Father! THAT is hard for me to comprehend, it breaks my heart, it breaks my heart and makes me so aNGRY, AND AFRAID, i CANNOT THINK STRAIGHT.

    But I have told you the truth, and it is a sad, sad, sad truth.

  7. This is one good use of religions. Religions always need money! they pay no taxes! they get the most aids in millions! they need funds! they rip people off in the name of God. While everybody's busy praying the people who control the game can f**** off with the money. Happens everywhere in the world! Ill work upside down if all that money will be put in renovation. not even to paint the walls!

    Wake up you people! 14.8 Million ?

  8. Mr.Ben. I think it's better off if you live in Australia. When it comes to religion, Maldivians can become extremely violent and intolerant. Just because you are a westerner, your belief in the imaginary arab moon god may be questioned and I don't find the threats you received that surprising. But forgive me for saying this, I really am convinced that you are only believing in such a barbaric religion for the sake of your children. You interpret it to be peaceful and full of mercy to cope with the emotional pressure of believing what you deep inside would not want to believe in.

    Trust me, I have been there before I finally decided I can no longer believe in Islam because I found the universe to be much greater and a more beautiful place than any religion could ever describe. I find greatness in doing good things knowing that they will help others, and not because of promises of an imaginary heaven. I don't do bad because I know those actions are bad...not because I fear punishment in an imaginary hell.

    All in all, I wish you the best. I'm currently in Australia as well and maybe, just maybe, we may run into each other one day.

    On the topic: I agree with LOL. Imagine how many people we would have been able to help in terms of medicine, food and shelter with that sort of money. Instead, it's going to fixing places of worship.

  9. Masha Allah.. good job. and let's hope those masjids will be raised soon.!


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