It is not the government that is prosecuting Nasheed: President’s Advisor

Political Advisor to the President, Ahmed ‘Topi’ Thaufeeg, has today said that the government does not have the authority to prosecute former President Mohamed Nasheed.

Thaufeeq told Sun Online that, owing to the separation of powers enshrined in the constitution, only the Prosecutor General (PG) could pursue charges against Nasheed.

However, Thaufeeg told Sun Online that it was the responsibility of the PG to pursue anyone guilty of a crime.

“The government has no influence over this. When the relevant institutions complete their investigations and submit cases to the PG, the PG will file those cases to Court. It does not matter whether it is Nasheed or anyone else,” Thaufeeg is reported to have said.

The response follows the Maldivian Democratic Party’s (MDP) resolution to protest the government over its move to prosecute Nasheed.

After Nasheed yesterday claimed the judiciary was heavily politicised, Thaufeeg told Sun that the institution was strong and was constitutionally protected from political influence.


2 thoughts on “It is not the government that is prosecuting Nasheed: President’s Advisor”

  1. Mr. Advisor,
    Who do you think you are trying to fool? Is it not the government's Home Minister that keeps saying he will make sure Mr. Nasheed will be jailed for a long term? Is it not the government's Police who investigated Nasheed and file cases against him at the Prosecutor General's office? Is it not the government Police Commissioner and Defense Minister who has filed cases against Mr. Nasheed at the civil court? Is it not the government's main party PPM that keeps saying Mr. Nasheed's name will not be on the next election's ballot paper?

  2. For once, he's right. It's not a legitimate government that is prosecuting Nasheed.

    It is a ruthless gang of murderers, rapists, drug traffickers and child abusers who have hijacked our nation who are prosecuting Nasheed.


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