Largest safari boat ever constructed in the Maldives launched

The largest safari yacht ever constructed in the Maldives was launched from Alifushi port in Raa Atoll on April 22, local media reports.

The vessel was commissioned by Polish company “Scuba Spa”, which is registered in the Maldives, and constructed by Alifushi Island resident Mohamed Yusuf.

The 167 foot by 37 foot boat was under construction for two years and four months, Yusuf told local media. In 2010, an electrical fault caused the vessel and construction shed to burn down, however construction was re-started the following year.

While Scuba Spa has spent approximately MVR 5 million (US$ 324,255) on the boat, the construction costs alone totalled nearly MVR 3 million (US$ 194,553), according to Yusuf.

Lowering the vessel into the water took the construction team three months, he added.

The safari yacht is currently being loaded with travel necessities and Scuba Spa plans for the first passengers to arrive May 4, Yusuf said.


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  1. This cost that is mentioned here will not be able to built a boat of that size.

  2. How can this be Largest safari if the value is MVR 5 million. These days a standad fishing vessel cost MVR 5 million. So we dont believe you are Minivan news

  3. Why are you deleting my comment " How can the largest vessel can be MVR 5 milliion, these days a standard fishing vessel also cost MVR 5 million or more.."


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