Majlis returns no-confidence motions against president and defence minister

The People’s Majlis has returned the no-confidence motions against President Dr Mohamed Waheed, and Defence Minister Mohamed Nazim, arguing that the pair’s appointments had expired on November 11.

Following Waheed’s decision to stay in office beyond the end of the constitutionally specified term, Speaker of the Majlis Abdulla Shahid wrote a letter informing Waheed that he was no longer in command of the country.

A motion passed in the Majlis to hand interim power over to the speaker was overruled by the Supreme Court as the presidential election took place on Saturday (November 9).

“Today, as the head of state, my responsibility is to protect the country’s highest interests. Many Maldivians, international organisations and countries are pressuring me to resign and temporarily hand over the government to the People’s Majlis Speaker. On the other hand, even more citizens want me to stay on, to continue with administration of the country, to carry out my duty,” Waheed told the nation on Sunday evening.