Plans revealed for overdue development of IGMH

The US$7 million (MVR118 million) renovation of Malé’s Indhira Gandhi Memorial Hospital (IGMH) is set to end the concerns of patients with no choice but to use the capital’s only public hospital.

Following yesterday’s announcement, dissatisfied users of IGMH – a gift from India – have told Minivan News that they are currently forced to use its services due to the lack of reasonably priced alternatives.

“The state should be able to offer better and more reliable services than this,” said Ahmed Arshad whose father recently passed away while on the hospital’s waiting list for a bed.

“While I am deeply displeased with the services there, I go there because there is little other choice,” said Shahid Ameen, 35.

According to a statement issued by the hospital’s management, the plans – which include a new 11-storey wing – represent the first major development undertaken since the hospital’s construction 19 years ago.

Plans also include renovation of the hospital’s infrastructure and the upgrading of the Villimalé Health Centre to a 15-bed hospital. IGMH’s new wing – set to be finished by December – will be dedicated to prenatal care and paediatrics and the current dialysis centre expanded.

In his capacity as acting health minister, Minister of Defence and National Security Mohamed Nazim has also announced that the government is seeking to employ 225 additional doctors, who will enjoy revised pay structures – the details of which are yet to be revealed.

Current services

Aishath Inas – a 28 year old teacher – welcomes the proposed development, noting that it is currently “very difficult and time consuming” to get services at IGMH.

“There are long waiting lists even to get a bed in the ward, and people need to wait days to get the medical attention they seek,” she said.

Shahid Ameen noted that the current facilities were hard to locate, despite saying he frequently visits the hospital.

“As for getting appointments with specialists – especially those in the Internal Medicine or Orthopaedics department – well, better to just forget about it. You have to stand in queue for hours, sometimes even days, before you can get an appointment,” he said.

61-year-old Shaheeda Mansoor says she avoids going to the hospital if at all possible.

“It costs a bit more, but it is worth the money to go to clinics instead as you can get faster, and more quality services there when it comes to consultations. However, I still go to IGMH to do some tests as those services are rarely available in the clinics,” she explained.


Indian company Renaatus Projects Pvt Ltd will be undertaking the development work which commenced on May 18 and is estimated to be completed within 15 months.

Under the project, the in-patient wards, attached bathrooms, the Intensive Care Unit, operation theaters, labour rooms, emergency room, and the hospital’s basement will be renovated.

Equipment worth MVR4.5 million (US$291,451) has been donated  to the dialysis centre by MedTech Pvt Ltd and Medicom Pve Ltd while a special consultation room will be set up for a recently-recruited specialist in kidney related illnesses.

The new Villimalé Hospital will contain a three-bed labour room, an operation theatre, five consultation rooms, and an emergency services room.

Nazim – who local media reports to be currently heading the Ministry of Health – announced that the state is looking specialists across numerous areas of expertise, including anaesthetists, cardiologists, dermatologists, gynaecologists, paediatricians, and psychiatrists.

At the press conference, State Minister of Health and Family Hussain Rasheed said that the state will complete the hiring of doctors within 45 days, with 91 medical officers to be placed in health centres across the country and specialists assigned to atoll and regional hospitals.


8 thoughts on “Plans revealed for overdue development of IGMH”

  1. anyone recall the time during anni's regime, when igmh was in a such poor condition that there weren't even doctors at times? and that dozens of children died due to dengue fever? i hope this government make the health care in this country better like they are doing now.

  2. “As for getting appointments with specialists – especially those in the Internal Medicine or Orthopaedics department – well, better to just forget about it. You have to stand in queue for hours, sometimes even days, before you can get an appointment,” he said.

    Exactly and this has been the case during Maumoon's regime, Anni's regime and even today. And this won't change as long as specialists are allowed to operate their own clinics for their own profit, while their time in IGMH takes the backseat. If they are working in IGMH they should commit to the required number of hours to ensure supply is available to cater the patients, if not IGMH should let them run their own clinics and hire expat docs so that patients can get timely medical service. Fact is no government will have the guts to choose the welfare of the patients over the profitable operations of the doctors running the clinics. The government can build a great hospital, but it will be a white elephant as long as the doctors needed to service the patients are not available, and I don't see that changing anytime soon. Don't be fooled by expansion and renovation. We also need efficient and capable management in IGMH, not just a face lift.

  3. Problem is that we have people like Mariyam in our society unfortunately. These people can never learn to accept that this government has improved health sector more than during Anni's regime. Believe it or not, anyone with common sense will know IGMH has been getting better even a slow pace. You have got stop giving a blind eye for everything good done and instead learn to appreciate that.

  4. Sigh! How unfortunate that we have blind followers like Klyfer in this country, who can only see the world through pink glasses. Atleast I am able to acknowledge that this problem has been prevalent with all governments, MDP included, but this poor soul Klyfer can only see what PPM wants him to see. And sadly looks like you are saying you are the only one with common sense? Read the article my dear, and look at what people are saying and Oh you might also like to ask the mother who was given HIV blood if she feels that IGMH has been improving?

  5. tell me a country where people does not need to sue up to an appointment with the specialist.

    Even so called UK, you got to wait for months even before seeing the specialist .

    People like Mariyam, who might have earned lot of money during Nasheed time, will find difficult to believe that the things are improving drastically .

  6. I hope the renovations at IGMH will be funded by the government of Maldives and not by the poor taxpayers of India like the main building.
    I am fed up with my government spending my taxes on aid and handouts to backward and bigoted countries that exploit and mistreat my people.
    Until your health ministry can draw up a fair and civilised contract of employment, I suggest you recruit your specialist doctors from elsewhere and not India.....and do employ muslim doctors only as they can cope better with your offensive and discriminatory 'muslims only' religious laws.
    Lets hope having better medical facilities at home will mean you 'true believers' will not have to queue round the block of our Male embassy for medical visas.
    I hear the medical facilities in Saudi Arabia and Pakistan are very good.....why don't you go there?

  7. Hero, my dear, now that is the problem, when I say something against PPM you assume I earned money during Nasheed regime. Come on man, try to be more open minded ey. If you want to wait months for a specialist appointment just because it's done so in UK well, let's have everything the UK way eh. Let's first of all have such specialists here shall we. I guess you are one of those lucky few who can quickly travel to another country (maybe UK?) to get an appointment with a specialist and not worry about whether or not you get one here? Think about the majority of people in this country who are not as lucky as you are. Be empathetic eh. Think about Ali who comes from Haadhaal atoll to show his wife to a specialist here, because there is no specialist in his island or atoll hospital and thereby wait here in Male' for weeks because he can't get an appointment in IMGH. Next option? Go to the private clinic owned by the very doc who is supposed to be on duty in IGMH too. See the double standard here eh? This isn't about Nasheed, even if you would like it to be, this is about the average people in this country. And btw I do like what this government has done with the taxis, I think it's a very good idea and I won't want Male' City Council getting too much power either or any Island Council for that matter since they are likely to abuse it, BUT having said that it beats the purpose if you are going to curb the power given to councils just so that you can give the power to ministries for the ministers to abuse. Sorry I just don't support any corruption, I can't be selective about it. Think outside the box ok.

  8. services have definitely improved. but need more work. its not just about getting appointment. it's about getting deserved services from ""authentic"" specialists. there are doctors in igmh working with degrees not even recognized in their own countries and yet they are here drawing hefty salaries. ministry is fooled. where are all the serious journalists?! mishaps happen in all hospitals and countries. but in this modern era, where info is just a google click away, an entire ministry is being fooled by them!


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