Maldives appeals to Sri Lanka for food security

Defence Minister Mohamed Nazim has appealed to the Sri Lankan government for assistance with agriculture and food security, the office of Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa has said.

In a statement, the Sri Lankan government said “Nazim described to the President some of the hardships experienced by the Maldivian population due to inadequate supplies and high prices of some agricultural products such as rice and certain vegetables. Nazim also indicated that, given the good bilateral ties between the two countries, it might be useful to conduct exchange programs for Maldivian agriculturalists to learn from Sri Lankan experts.”

According to the statement, President Rajapaksa indicated that “Sri Lanka may be able to assist Maldives meet their rice requirement”, but “also urged the Maldivian government to encourage the people to engage in home gardening that could help families address their individual food needs.”


One thought on “Maldives appeals to Sri Lanka for food security”

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