Judge refuses to officiate MDP-themed wedding

A judge from Kanduhulhudhoo Island in Gaaf Alif Atoll has refused to officiate a wedding decorated with the Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP)’s presidential campaign slogan ‘MDP Ehburun’ last week, reports local media.

‘Ehburun’ (one round) is a reference to the MDP’s pledge to win the September 7 presidential election in the first round.

The Kanduhulhudhoo Magistrate Judge Hassan Didi refused to proceed with the marriage vows because the table set for the marriage ceremony was “decorated with the words ‘MDP EhBurun’ in bold letters,” according to CNM.

“I refused to officiate because ‘MDP EhBurun’ was written. I do not object to the color or arrangements used for decoration. But we cannot conduct a wedding to promote a certain group,” Didi told CNM.

“I told them that it would be better to have a phrase such as ‘Baajjaveri Kaivenyakah Maruhaba’ (‘Welcome To A Happy Wedding’),” he added.

The families of the couple then changed the table decorations, before the judge would proceed with the wedding, Didi explained.


One thought on “Judge refuses to officiate MDP-themed wedding”

  1. Oh, look what we have here. A judge with principles and standards. And I must be the Virgin Queen. I never knew marriage mattered so much to Dhivehistani judges, seeing as they are openly committing adultery on Hulhumale beach and Colombo hotel rooms. I also didn't know they were so averse to mixing religion and politics, since all legislation they execute must comply with Shariah. Maybe this Kanduhulhudhoo judge is one of those closet homosexual atheist secularists who wishes to allow gay marriage. Disgusting.


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