Maldives holds joint venture discussions with Sri Lankan dental hospital

The Maldives government has held discussions over establishing a dental surgery through a joint venture with a private Sri Lanka-based medical service provider, according to media reports.

Sakura Dental Hospital Chairman Gamini Rajapaksa told the Ceylon Daily News publication Sunday (December 30) that the Maldives government had agreed to provide land for a proposed dental surgery in the country.

The company claimed its ambitions to provide dental care were part of wider expansion plans including the establishment of its first dental nurse training institute in Sri Lanka during 2013.


4 thoughts on “Maldives holds joint venture discussions with Sri Lankan dental hospital”

  1. Here we go again.

    I feel sorry for SriLankan dental professionals. They never realize the level of corruption our politicians and the so called professionals, would immerse themselves into. If the Srilankans have an ounce of intelligence in them, they would keep their distance from Maldivians like bubonic plague.

    To the Maldivians : Our friendly neighbours are running out at a fast pace. Best thing to do is seek out some 'fanditha verin' for your medicals, as we used to in the past, and forget India, SriLanka (my guess is in 3 months time) for your medicals and they would ban Maldivians from flying there.

  2. There is no land available in Male for this enchanted Dental surgery where is the land? Hulhumale...?

  3. The corruption in Maldives has started coming down now. Corruption was at the highest when Nasheed was in power and Nasheed and his friends were robbing this country .

    But still corruption is an issue like other SARRC countries but it is improving.

    Some people who had got undue advantage during Nasheed regime, will do anything to stop any investment in this country because they knew they will not get a "cut" from any investment that happens now.

    These idiots thinks that they are going to win the election in 2013 and then they will have the chance to get the "cuts" as from 2009- 2011.

  4. watch out Sri lankan investors, the coup leaders will ripoff your investment pretty soon.


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