Maldives making strides: US State Department

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has praised the strides the Maldives is making, during a visit by Foreign Minister Ahmed Naseem.

“The United States is very impressed with the many strides that the Maldives is making, and also the role that you are playing regionally and even globally on important issues like climate change and so much else,” Clinton said.

Naseem thanked the State Department for the guidance and assistance from diplomats in Colombo and Washington towards the country’s transition from dictatorship.

“I think that was the pivoting of the Islamic awakening. And thank you very much for all that,” he said.

“And we are working very closely on the – in the areas of human rights in Geneva, also on the perils and the difficulties that the small island states are facing due to climate change and the climate extreme weather conditions that we are having at the moment. And I wish to thank the United States very much. And we have also cooperation in the areas of coast guard training and military training, and many of our social, health, and other areas.”