Maldives out of AFC Challenge Cup after loss to Palestine

The Maldives national team were yesterday knocked out of the Asian Football Confederation’s Challenge Cup after a 2-0 loss to Palestine.

The Maldives entered the game still capable of qualifying from their group but were forced to rely on the heroics of goalkeeper Imran Mohamed to keep out the Palestinian team in the first half.

The deadlock was broken on 58 minutes when Palestine’s Wadi headed his team into the lead.

With the Maldives pushing for an equaliser, Palestine broke against the run of play to make it two nil in the 88th minute, confirming the Maldives’ exit from the tournament.


2 thoughts on “Maldives out of AFC Challenge Cup after loss to Palestine”

  1. hahaha...

    we got beat by the people who have not have even a back yard for the past 50 years, to play soccer.

    Maldivians boast on our capabilities on soccer, protestations, intolerance and sheer ignorance.

    I guess we would not even win on ignorance...

  2. My exact thoughts as well, the poor downtrodden Palestinians won over Maldives. Its not only Maldives a population of Billion India has no potential as well. I'm beginning to think South Asians don't have Physical to be sporting powers like Russel peters pointed out.


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