ACC forwards Disaster Management Centre corruption case for prosecution

The Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) has sent a corruption case to the Prosecutor General’s Office concerning the Disaster Management Centre (DMC) and a housing project carried out on Gan in Laamu Atoll, following damage suffered in the 2004 tsunami.

The ACC entered the Disaster Management Centre with police escort in October last year during the investigation process. The case involves Rf 18.7 million (US$1.2 million) for 240 housing units.

The ACC asked the Prosecutor General’s office to prosecute the two deputy heads of DMC, and a senior official of the Ministry of Finance and Treasury.

The three parties facing corruption charges are Deputy Minister Ahmed Zaki, and Deputy Minister Adam Saeed – both deputy heads of DMC – and Deputy Director General of Ministry of Finance and Treasury, Ali Arif.

The commission said the investigation had determined that the invoice sent to the DMC from the party contracted to carry out the project was proven invalid.

The ACC stated that the amount in the invoice that was billed to DMC was prepared in 2007 and sent as a retention claim, but the commission had found during the investigation that such a claim could not be submitted.

“Since the retention claim was found invalid, the investigation finds that the claim had been processed in a manner that gave way for corruption,” the ACC stated.

The ACC stated that it has found that Deputy Ministers Saeed and Zaki had approved the payment voucher of Rf 18.7 million for the invoice, and that Zaki was “practically” involved in the process of ensuring that the money was delivered.

The accused Deputy Director General Arif was responsible for allocating the money which had not been budgeted, and had given budget control approval to ensure the money was delivered to the parties.

The ACC is charging the parties with embezzlement of state funds and would claim for the loss of Rf 18.7 million from the DMC.

The party that were contracted to carry out the project was identified as Movey Construction Company. The company was given the project during the government of Maumoon Abdul Gayyoom in 2006, which was completed in 2007.

In 2009, DMC delayed payments due to a financial shortage, and in January 2011, Movey Construction filed a complaint for their financial losses.

Zaki, speaking to Minivan News after the ACC had accompanied police and forensic experts to DMC during the investigation of the case, said that he had been puzzled by the delay and that all the paperwork had been completed.

Zaki also said at the time that he did not believe there was any reason to suspect corruption in the dealings between DMC and Movey Construction Company.

“This is just an accusation because payments were delayed. But the payments were made this May with sufficient documents from all parties. The financial system in the Maldives is very transparent, there are a lot of layers, checks and balances, so I am confident that there is no issue of corruption here,” he said.


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  1. All this talk about corruption and whatnot, while half our women don't even bother with the veil, and those that do, are mostly harlots in disguise.

    Priorities, priorities.

    Then again, if our housing were more adequate, perhaps we wouldn't feel the need to let them strut around in the workplaces, neglecting God ordained duties of homekeeping and childcare.

    For I have said time and time again, to fix the deficiencies of our Nation, we must first fix the deficiencies of our women.

  2. Have heard credible testimonies of such injustice occurring on both sides of the political divide.

    Realize Justice within yourselves before you accuse your enemy of injustice, that goes for both sides of the political divide.

    True Justice is routed in the sanctity of ALL humanity or else it becomes a perversion of justice.

    When ones idea of justice is routed in the will to power of any human being or group, when it loses its objectivity, it becomes the extremely perverse notion of justice that we see so often.

    One cannot realize pure justice within oneself until one masters the disciplines demanded by the duty we have to put right, to put humanity, above our own wants and even, at times, needs, therefore, to be truly just, one must be capable of self sacrifice.

    Justice which does not stem from the seed of Universal LOVE is corruption.

    This ideal implies a lifelong journey, as pure justice isn't possible in our lifetime. It is a lifelong struggle, we will win some battles, and lose some, yet we must keep battling.

    Noone is purely just, our self hood is something we must battle against everyday if we are ever able to realize attachment to the "GREATER SELF..'

    In this context, Maldivian politicians on both sides need to embrace this struggle for justice if the Maldives is ever going to come close to realizing a relatively stable and peaceful existance.

  3. Just stfu dhivehi hanguraama, no one is interested in your 4th century bigotry. If you cant handle the modern Maldives or the modern World get lost with your sheiks, i personally will be happy to pay for the camel ride.

  4. Oh dhivehi hungurama shut up will seem like a troll sprouting none sense all the time.

  5. @Jeff - corruption is part of our National
    Pride. It never left. It never will.

    @Dhivehi Hanguraama: The deficiency lies in your skewed perception of reality! You and your obsession with women!

  6. @willman (UK) on Tue, 13th Mar 2012 2:58 PM

    "What about the deficiencies of your men?"

    That will follow. From virtuous wombs, virtuous offspring shall spring forth.

  7. This was a pure corruption of MDP outer thugs! Inter Thugs like Ibrahim Hussain Zaki, Mariya, Rekko Moosa and the likes are still too deep!

  8. @ DH

    "to fix the deficiencies of our Nation, we must first fix the deficiencies of our women."

    I wonder how anyone can stop your deficiency.
    You are becomming more and more irritating.
    Can you please, for once, comment like a normal human being.

  9. @Dhivehi Hanguraama

    Troll or not this fella seriously categorizes the prototype of a section of the Maldivian society that is the biggest threat to islam.A section who says God is ever merciful but fails to truly beilv in it.They should be ashamed to be malignig the name of the greatest human, the prophet of islam whilst our task as the ummah of the prophet is to spread the message of peace of the prophet, and the prophet's charcter which is selflessness and virtue and submission to the will of Allah- which essentially is everything the quran teaches.These so called people of the sunnah have given divine r8s to words of men who immediatley after the death of the prophet questioned the legitimacy and fought against each other and ill-trated the best companions of the prophet and his beloved family.All for the sake of authority in the most powerful kingdom of the time.Except for a handful who had true faith in Allah and the prophet the rest where just a confused people who still had the paganist inclinations of their ancestors and greed for power and material prosperity and jealosy filled hearts.BEcause of these people we are not able to spread the words and teachings of our beloved prophet because more than what the prophet had said we have to give more importance to the person who narrated it and bless him!MUslims need to understand that Mohamed s.a.w was only the prophet sent as a blessing to all people of all cultures everywhere.The rest of the people of his country at the time where just ordinary human beings like you and me bound to make mistakes.and today the descendants of these people are forbidding us to praise and show our love for our prophet and also glorify his name and give access to people of other religons to understand the gr8est personality in history who was born into the midst of men led far astray yet had an unquestionable love for God, virtuousness,and love for mankind.Rather these people are trying to undermine the prophet's teachings and spread their desert culture even to the tropics and antarctica in the name of islam!Victory for islam lies only in the way we potray the beloved prophet of Allah who certainly would have been against destroying age old cultures and traditions of people in the name of islam and create hatred in society so that all men look like him!which in itslef is paganistic in nature in creating the image of the prophet when almighty Allah has prevented a picture of the great prophet being on the face of the earth!What these people are preaching is not islam, its the islamic version of paganism.

  10. @ Dhivehi Hanguraama

    I feel that we are all tired of you and your silly comments. yes, silly, childishly silly.

    think since all women are 'harlots' no clean wombs are available and so you and your offspring,be it male or female are all obviously tainted by the very same brush!

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  11. Even ACC is also courrpt, the case was forward to ACC by MDP People and Baaqee shahid was involved. It was paid before by Baaqee shahid but when the deal came he was another office.

    Baaqee shahid was involved lot of courrption cases and ACC never investigate the cases because of their connection with Muaawiz , even proof documents were submit to ACC against Baaqee shahid...

    ACC is unprofessional Commision which one side investigation they do ..

  12. Yes,i heard from some people that ACC working very close with Baaqeee shahid. i don't understand why ACC is influences by some people and sometimes they do as personal issues ..

  13. We are all born in a way that give away to corruption - such as fornication. But that does not mean we are corrupt from day one.

    ACC should first hire qualified personal, (not bunch of accountants and auditors) who investigate keeping in mind the context as well as the content involved. At present, ACC is entirely fixated on content and process. Perhaps a broader spectrum would assist filter those cases that are worthy of prosecution and not.

    To combine these problems within ACC, the commission is also highly corrupt with their ties and connections with various parties and only forwarding cases that have taken place only during last 3 years and not the last 30 years.


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