Attempts will be made to “assassinate” my character: Umar Naseer

Progressive Party of the Maldives (PPM) presidential primary candidate Umar Naseer has claimed he has “received information” of an attempt to plant drugs in one of his offices.

A post made under Umar’s name on his Facebook and Twitter pages stated he had received “intel” that an attempt would be made to discredit his name by planting contraband in one of his offices.

Umar Naseer is the Managing Director of both Whale Submarine and and Alarms Pvt Limited. One of building in which the Whale Submarine office is located caught fire on Saturday (March 9).

Despite the posts on social media, a source familiar with the matter told Minivan News on Tuesday (March 13) that police had already searched through the Umar’s offices looking for contraband.

“After Home Minister [Dr Mohamed] Jameel [Ahmed] joined Umar’s competitor [Abdulla] Yameen in his campaign meeting, police turned up at Umar’s offices with a search warrant allegedly looking for alcohol,” the source claimed. “It is an intimidation tactic I think.”

Police Spokesperson Chief Inspector Hassan Haneef denied that police had searched the offices of the PPM presidential helpful.

Both Umar Naseer and Abdulla Yameen are currently campaigning to win the PPM’s presidential candidate slot for the upcoming presidential elections to be held in September this year.

Umar Naseer’s secretary, when contacted by Minivan News, said that Umar was unable to comment on the matter as he was away on a campaign trip.

Asked whether she was aware of any office searches by police, the secretary stated: “I am in no position to answer that. I will get back to you.”

Minivan News was awaiting a response at time of press.

On Saturday (March 9), local media reported that a fire had broken out at a Sakeena Manzil property in Male’ – a building also used by Umar Nazeer’s ‘Whale Submarine’ company.

Soon after the flames had been extinguished by Maldives National Defence Force (MNDF) firemen, local media reported that the MNDF equipped two well-known PPM activists with gas masks and oxygen tanks, who then entered the building.

According to a report in Sun Online, the two PPM activists went inside the building to retrieve some “very important objects”, but it had not been elaborated as to what these objects might have been.

MNDF Spokesperson Colonel Abdul Raheem denied reports made by local media, stating: “The fire chief told me they did not allow any civilian to enter the building or tamper with fire equipment.

“Once the area was deemed safe however, members of the public were allowed back into the building with the guidance of police,” Raheem told Minivan News.


18 thoughts on “Attempts will be made to “assassinate” my character: Umar Naseer”

  1. A classic example of how these people use their authority to intimidate their very own party members. Just because Umar Naseer, who I personally think is a joke in the political arena, is yameen's opponent during their primary. Hence, cant even comprehend the level with which these people would go to get Nasheed out of the presidential race!!

  2. Thats a laugh. I would pray to god, that you fall down, hard.

    Umar, Thou Shall Not lead Maldivians Astray!

    Umar, Thou Shall not lead Maldivians Astray.

    Repeat 42 times daily, after lunch.

  3. It looks like Minivan news team loves this clown. Why are you guys even mentioning this clown? C'mon he's not a serious contender for anything.

  4. There is something wrong here. Nasheed is trying to create problems among PPM member and minivan is helping Nasheed to spread his propaganda here.

    People need to be very vigilant and Nasheed will not hesitate to do anything , i mean anything in the hope of coming back to power.

  5. hhehehehe! What a laugh! Does he even have a character to begin with??? Clown!!

  6. I think Umar meant the Backbone character he played when he worked for Maldives police.

  7. Umar Naseer is one of the few remaining decent folk in the political arena. A bit on the aloof side truly, nonetheless quite proper. I do concede however that he might have broken the back of that poor Christian chap (that monkey-wrench being used by MDP- God rest his broken spine). When you take away all that still, he does come off as the sort of chap who could clean our streets and deal with the soaring crime rates.

    The problem now are the gunda's in 'Majilis'. There is close cohesion now between these thugs in house and their recruits out on the streets, dealing and terrorizing everyday folk. The Jabbar who is now steering the organization of the majlis members in favour of consolidating themselves into a bunch of thugs who seek to sit on the nations loot as their people-mandated custodians, is particularly confident he could get away with this. His wife also concurs. This is now people-mandated organized crime. These people consider themselves holy actually, doing what their Party members elected them to do; they figure skimming the off the top (and more) and helping themselves to it, and securing the financial securities of them and their families, establishing themselves as the barons in charge of this country without any true challenges to their authority- is what they are supposed to be doing. They want their Party members to think so actually, and they figure with our quite indifference they can get away with it.

    Already they are talking of "peace-time", this is because their bellies are full. Our experiment with Democracy will be complete when we have purged even these MP dogs from this country. It is difficult to give power to the people, power seems averse to the notion of 'the people' in fact. So what to do? It is a difficult problem to reconcile, and so we must make war again.

    Slowly but surely an army is gathering, this time against the 'Majilis'. Information indicates that Adalat, DQP scions and Military, with elements true to MDP and DRP are conversing on ways to better appropriate what should be the actual 'powers' of a Parliament in our context. It will be bloody, and it must be done they believe. The question of amenities will never arise, they will be or must be paid equal to or slightly above a Cabinet members package.

    You hear me Jabbar- you and your Witch-Wife (Lady Diana or is it Diyana) are very closely monitoring this situation. You seek to build an MP-Empire within Majilis which could secure everybodys prosperity and might in this country. Everybody meaning members of Parliament. There are of course many within who are opposed to this also. Will you intimidate the next?

  8. @PARLIAMENT DICTATORSHIP on Fri, 15th Mar 2013 12:56 AM

    "Umar Naseer is one of the few remaining decent folk in the political arena."

    Depends on how you define the term "decent". If it means a man without a shred of a "back bone" (pardon the pun), then yes, he fits your bill.

    Otherwise, I cannot think of a worse candidate for what he is aspiring to become. Of course, anyone can aspire to be anything they want to, but, looking at the chap's record, it doesn't bode well.

    Bon chance.

  9. Minivan, Don't be so fake. I would like you to be more professional and stop reporting on unnecessary stories. I can see the underlying reason of this article. It is to mock Umar Naseer and PPM. i like it. but whats the point?? Ignore these clowns. If you are talking about them, it is kind of joining them. Baagee vevenee. please refrain from that. Salaam

  10. "Maibadha Omar"!!!! Even a small child knows this.

    During last Presidential campaign, this Omar was asked about the "Maibadha" event.

    He was trying to fake his expression when he answered. But to no avail.

    Even a small child could read it in his face that HE DID IT!!!!!

  11. First off, I have been looking at this news site last 2 hours and everytime the finger hovers around this article, i just avoid it..but i just want to say something which my heart couldnt resist.I only read the headline...

    Umar, u r rubbish in the face of politics.. always remember, you have to use the same ladder u used to climb up, to get down also.. and u will meet the same pple you met while going up as you come down also... do you thing those pple will let you alone? now your own party is playing against you... if you and yamin are in competition, you will go for contraband trilogy.iloshi,,,feyhunu...u know the rest.

  12. This headline surely begs the question: How do you assasinate something that's already dead? (i.e. the character of the said candidate and for what its worth that of his rival drug warlord or whatever nefarious title the latter comes under). And the winner is... anyone who thinks its Umar Naseer, incidentally UN (what a joke) needs to be certified.. Watch out for Oscar worthy gowns though..pity, at least that would be a worthwhile distraction. Lets hope that this dodgy duo somehow cancels itself out. Only the truly lobotomized would plump for this lot. Still, you never know, given their deep deep pockets... but pockets have a beginning and an end - capisci?


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