Maldives targets hosting flagship WTA event in 2014 as part of event tourism ambitions

The Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture has expressed interest in the Maldives hosting the World Travel Awards (WTA) main international event next year – a move said to reflect the destination’s aim of expanding into event-based tourism, reports Minivan News’ spin-off travel site, Dhonisaurus.

After hosting the Indian Ocean regional WTA ceremony at the Paradise Island Resort and Spa earlier this month, Deputy Tourism Minister Mohamed Maleeh Jamal has since confirmed that discussions had commenced on the Maldives potentially hosting the WTA’s flagship event in 2014.

The Maldives dominated this year’s WTA Indian Ocean ceremony held on may 12, with local operators and resort groups among the main winners on the night.=

Responding to the country’s award success, one senior tourism industry figure present at the ceremony this month raised concerns over the credibility of the wider WTA voting process – pointing to the high number of collaborators and sponsors for the Indian Ocean event that received accolades.

However, local authorities have maintained that this month’s ceremony will provide a major boost to the reputation of the Maldives resorts for meetings, incentives, conferencing and exhibitions (MICE) tourism in the long-term.

Deputy Minister Maleeh stressed authorities were already working to play up the destination’s potential to businesses travellers.

“We are quite clear on our aim of trying to attract MICE tourism here.  In this regard we have already been in touch with management companies.  The WTA has said it was happy with how the [Indian Ocean ceremony] went and we have already started discussing hosting the international event, hopefully this can be arranged,” he said.

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4 thoughts on “Maldives targets hosting flagship WTA event in 2014 as part of event tourism ambitions”

  1. You will do very well to promote the '...and Spa' side of the equation to lure Travel Agents here. They are as much motivated by lust as anyone else.

  2. LOL. Dhivehistanis and their cognitive dissonance. They preach against alcohol, extra-marital sexual intercourse, massage parlors, pork, poker, and music while at the same time promoting and earning from those same things. I wait for the radical elements to rise up against the Maldivian tourism industry. The day tourism is banned in the Maldives will fast for Holy Allah and give thanks to Him.

  3. Travel Agent who won the award this time they didn't win, I mean they bought the award, I know since I am working for a company who bought the award 😉
    WTA tdid not even bothered to check the TripAdvisor guest comments before selling the awards.. It is really funny

    WTA will say yes for 2014 since they can make good money from 2014 WTA.

  4. It is absolutely beautiful to travel to the Maldives. Not because of the coral sands and the magic water. It is because of the breathtaking beauty of the Maldivian people. I recommend tourists to travel to places where you will meet Maldivians, not just Bangladeshi workers on the resorts. Go there, and witness the beauty of the Dhivehin. I have never seen a Maldivian who was not breathtakingly stunning to look at, by far the most attractive people I have ever seen, golden, gentle featured beings from Heaven.

    More importantly, the natural Maldivian is so gentle, so kind, so intelligent.

    So THAT is why it is very sad to see the naturally beautiful soul of the Maldivian being made agressive by fear.

    If you want to preserve what is really beautiful about the Maldives, worry MORE about the rights and welfare of the PEOPLE before the rights and welfare of the islands! What good will it be to preserve the islands if the people are hurting too much too enjoy their own home?


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