Maldives to ensure there is no pig DNA in imported Cadbury chocolate

The Maldives Food and Drugs Authority (MFDA) has said that Maldivian authorities are working with the Malaysian Health Ministry to confirm allegations of pig DNA being discovered in two types of Cadbury chocolate sold in Malaysia.

In addition to this, the MFDA is working with the Health Protection Agency to see if these types of Cadbury chocolate have been imported to the Maldives and to confirm whether these chocolates have pig DNA, local media has reported.

“So far there have been rumors about finding pig-related substances from two types of Cadbury chocolate. This has not been confirmed yet. The Islamic Ministry is working with Malaysian authorities to look into it. Further decisions will be made once it is confirmed,” Haveeru quoted an MFDA official as saying.

Citing Malaysia’s Islamic affairs agency, Reuters has reported today that authorities did not find any pig DNA from the chocolate bars in question, contrary to a previous findings.

Other Islamic countries currently testing Cadbury chocolates are Indonesia and Saudi Arabia. Both Cadbury Dairy Milk Hazelnut and Cadbury Dairy Milk Roast Almond, produced in Malaysia, were labelled as halal although accusations of them containing pig DNA have been raised.

The two products were earlier recalled from the Malaysia market after traces of pig DNA were found during a routine halal check.