Maldives Tourism Board opens offices in Beijing in Shanghai

TTG Asia travel magazine has reported the opening of Maldives Tourism Promotion Board offices in Beijing and Shanghai.

Chen Xueyu, secretary-general of the Shanghai Tourism Trade Association, told TTG that the Maldives was one of the most popular tourist destinations among Shanghai’s population.

Zou Qingling of Shanghai Spring International Travel Service, said that the Maldives was the “first-choice destination for (Chinese) honeymooners”, anticipating that numbers would continue to grow at 20-30 percent per year.

The Ministry of Tourism took part in a travel roadshow in conjunction with Mega Maldives airlines which flys tourist to the Maldives from 6 Chinese destinations. The tour aimed to publicise the industry’s aims to attract a record 1 million visitors this year as well as to encourage Chinese investment in the Maldives.

Last year, the number of visitors from China surpassed those from Britain, reaching 198,000. Statistics from the ministry show that Chinese tourist arrivals are up 12.6 percent this year compared with the same point last year.


2 thoughts on “Maldives Tourism Board opens offices in Beijing in Shanghai”

  1. China has a dictatorship and Maldives has the same type of government.So Maldives and China are natural friends. Maldivian Police and Army must go to China for training. Its a good idea.

  2. maldives will be better under waheed dictatorship than under Anni.

    Anni who does not have any clue of running a country and infect he does not know how to run his own family.

    These MDP thugs boycott the tourism when they want to come to power in 2008 and then after they failed to rule this country again using tourism as thier weapon

    No matter who is ruling this country , tourism will play a major role in deciding who is going to rule the nation.

    Boycotting tourism is not going to take these yellow fever guys to any where and they are rather putting fire into their own feet.


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