Maldivian arrested in Trivandrum, India

The Foreign Ministry has confirmed on Tuesday that a Maldivian citizen has been arrested in Trivandrum, India.

The Ministry stated that the Maldivian Consulate in Trivandrum had been notified of the arrest on December 17 by the Medical College Police Station, and that the arrest was made on charges of breaching the Passport Law and Foreigners Registration Amendment Law of India.

On the day of arrest, the Maldivian’s case was heard at the Additional Chief Judicial Magistrate Court. According to the Ministry, the family of the detainee is now seeking possibilities of having the person released on bail.

The ministry stated that it is closely observing the matter through the Maldivian Consulate in Trivandrum, and that it will provide all possible cooperation and assistance within the boundaries of law.

The Ministry declined from providing details of the detainee’s identity.