Maldivian national commits suicide in Trivandrum, phone in hand

A 22 year-old Maldivian studying in Trivandrum, India hanged himself in his room on Wednesday, October 19.

Another Maldivian residing in Trivandrum reported that the young man had been “seen having fun” earlier that day, Haveeru reports.

The individual told Haveeru that the suicide was triggered by a relationship issue, noting that the young man been found dead with a phone in his hand.

The young man was studying for a diploma in Airport Management, and was planning to visit Male’ in November. His body has been transferred to a mortuary for examination.


3 thoughts on “Maldivian national commits suicide in Trivandrum, phone in hand”

  1. How does minivan know it's suicide? Did the mmedical examiner declare this? It could equally be murder

  2. May be groupe of Indian poeple hit and hange him, after that he dead. He was hanged on a tree. Now the Trivandrum police is investigating the case.


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