Maldivian staff to wear blonde wigs, confirms Olialia brand manager

Maldivian staff at the proposed Lithuanian ‘Blondes only’ resort will wear wigs, Olialia Brand Manager Lauryna Anuseviciut has confirmed in an interview with Associated Press.

Anuseviciute told AP that “staff who are not blond will wear a blond wig to make everyone look similar.”

Companies in the Maldives are required to employ at least 50 percent local staff, few of whom have blonde hair.

Plans for the resort are still at an infant stage, but early designs show the island will be shaped as a gigantic high-heeled shoe.

Anuseviciute insisted to AP that Olialia had already secured financing for the plan, however the Maldivian government says it has yet to issue a permit or even see a proposal.


20 thoughts on “Maldivian staff to wear blonde wigs, confirms Olialia brand manager”

  1. hahahahahahahaha That is honestly the dumbest idea I have ever heard of. Wigs! Blond Wigs! Even the guys! hahahahahaha I also don't get the whole high heeled shoe thing. This whole project is beyond stupid.

  2. This is absoloutely RIDICULOUS. Those women will look RIDICULOUS!

    This is almost as degrading, and sexist as the Niqab.

    Perhaps there is a middle ground between Arabization and whoring out our culture for a quick buck.

  3. "Anuseviciute told AP that “staff who are not blond will wear a blond wig to make everyone look similar.”"

    Whay are people soooooooooooo stupid!!!!
    Wearing a blond wig will make everyone look similar?
    This cannot be more ridiculous!!!!

  4. Is it going to Blond men or Blonds are Blonds go.......So Maldivian male staff are going to wear blond wigs and would their skins be lightened. Oooooooooh, sounds like a Carnival.

  5. For the benefit of "Outrageous", to say that niqab is degrading is kufr. Please refrain from attacking our religion. As for the "Arabisation" comment, where do you think Islam came from? One thing we can agree on though is the stupidity of the blonde wig thing!

  6. I get this idea, i could imagine now wowzza...

    Niqab is degrading, Islam didn't dictate to woman to hide there faces.

  7. I love it!!!!!
    Great concept and the High heel shaped Island...... Fabulous! These are what dreams are made of. LOL

    This is a concept some can understand and appreciate. -key word - ...
    It is nice to see a company having a little fun and you can bet it will a Lucrative Business.

    When can we make our reservation????

  8. Great idea. Fun idea. I wish them luck.
    It is too much negative new around the world. This is possitive project made by funny people.
    It will find their custumers.

  9. @Ramzee Laqab on Thu, 3rd Feb 2011 8:28 PM

    People believe in a lot of things. People have faith in a lot of things. Visible and invisible. Sure and unsure.

    For some life is this. So dont you start calling others stupid. You may not realize it, but I am sure there will be a lot of people who now consider you among the most stupid in the world.

  10. "For the benefit of “Outrageous”, to say that niqab is degrading is kufr. Please refrain from attacking our religion. As for the “Arabisation” comment, where do you think Islam came from?"

    From Allah Subuhaanahuu watha'allah. Where do you think Islam comes from?

    It is not Kufr to attack the tent monstrosity known as the Niqab, which is sexist, degrading and disgusting.

    Incidentally, this blonde wig idea is also sexist, degrading and disgusting.

    Sorry, women are not objects. Not for protection, not for sexualization.

  11. Hey guys!

    Why are you so mad about those wigs? It's just a uniforms detail! It's like a carnival all year long, come on guys we are building a resort, a cozy and unique place you to spend your holidays.. It has to be extraodinary!
    I know you maybe not use to be surrounded by blondes, but we are and I'm one of them - Olialia.

    By the way become our fan on facebook, and watch how the project works 😉

    Also here you can find all projects that we have:

  12. Hey,

    I think this concept is very interesting because nowhere in the world this kind of consept exist. So let's pray that this Island and all Olialia concept would be very sucsessful then we all could have a very unique place!

  13. Yeah, indeed sounds like a Carnival. I like this idea. I would love to visit such an island like this one day! But what I like most is the shape of the Island. Crazy!

  14. Haha sounds like a men dream. Will see hows everything gonna work it out!
    I would love to spend my holidays with my friends in a resort like that. That would be fun!

  15. I don't mind anyone wearing wigs, or bleach-blondes - as long as they don't act stupid, are okay with it and get paid by the thousands of dollars.

    But hey, at least I'm quite sure wigs don't cause death by internal brain fizz, unlike a certain suicide tent people defend mindlessly...


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