Maldivian woman stabs ex-husband to death

A Maldivian woman in Male has stabbed her ex-husband to death, after a disagreement between the former couple, police confirmed to Miadhu Daily.

The name of the deceased man and the woman have not been released, although police confirmed the man was 34 and the woman was 21 years old. The stabbing occurred at Baikendige house on Hadheebee Magu in Henveiru ward late yesterday afternoon, say the police, and the man died while being treated at ADK Hospital, according to Miadhu Daily. Police confirmed the man was stabbed at his ex-wife’s residence and she called the police after the incident and confessed. According to onlookers, the man ran into a small nearby shop after the stabbing and asked the shopkeeper to contact police and medics. He was stabbed directly through his lungs and this lead to a heart failure, said doctors speaking to Miadhu Daily.

Haveeru Online treated the story as ‘breaking news’ and gave timed updates as it gathered more information about the incident. Miadhu Daily said the incident ‘brought surprise and shock to many Maldivians, as a woman stabbing a man to death is a very rare occurrence throughout the world.’