Young Indian teacher hospitalised in “very serious condition” after alleged rape

A young Indian teacher working on the island of Dhangethi in Alif Dhaal Atoll has been hospitalised after a group of people broke into her home on Sunday night and allegedly raped her.

The 25 year-old woman is in a “very serious condition” following the attack, said the Island Council President Azim Adam.

“They broke in [to her house] around 2:15am. I came to know about it at 4:00am and I instantly reported it to the police. The girl is now in the atoll hospital in a very serious condition,” Adam said.

A source close to the victim said she was in the hospital’s intensive care unit but was “bleeding uncontrollably.”

“We have put seven pints of blood into her but she is still bleeding. It is a very serious issue. We are planning to send her to India, there is not much more we are able to do here,” the source said, adding that her brother had arrived in the Maldives and was on the island.

The Indian High Commission in the capital Male’ said it had been informed of the incident and had received the woman’s details from the police.

Maldives Police Service (MPS) Spokesperson Sub Inspector Hassan Haneef said specialist teams were investigating the incident. He could not confirm whether any arrests had been made, but said further details would be released to the media at a later stage.

Local media reported that the woman was teaching a private computer course on the island.

Island Council President Adam said the young woman had been working on the island for less than a month, and described her as a “very kind person who was very friendly towards the local islanders”.

Dhangethi is the third largest populated island of Alif Dhaal Atoll, with a population of around 1200 people.

An official from the Indian High Commission noted that a similar case had occurred in 2011 involving an Indian nurse working on an island in the Maldives.

“I told the police that [in 2011] there was a rape case like this whereby a nurse was raped on one of the islands. However in that instance all of the suspects were later acquitted in court,” the official added.


44 thoughts on “Young Indian teacher hospitalised in “very serious condition” after alleged rape”

  1. This one is going to make headlines.

    The previous one in New Delhi is still running hot on the media.

    Well done Maldivians. You have dug a grave here, one from which it will be very hard to crawl out of.

    Good luck, psychos.

  2. Will the mullahs dare to blame her dress and behavior? Will the judges sentence her to be flogged and let the culprits go free?

  3. Abbas adil riZa , shake Imran , president waheed all of them should be taken jn for questioning for inciting violence and they were the once who blamed india and made GMR removal a holy war.. Abbas adhil riza are u happy now.. All ure filth against the indians , now some psycho has in the end acted upon all that HATE.. Shame on u...

  4. This looks like a very a cheap political ploy by some one calculating that the story to make global headlines.

    So political party is the beneficiary, given the timing? But this may backfire too

  5. what can we expect from maldivan uneducated ppl.first nurse got raped in kaaf atol thn one rape attempt in baa atol on nurse and now this one.if u ppl are educated enough to teach and cure your own ppl y do u hire outsiders.
    Shame on you ppl and on ur govt as well which protect forign emploies here.
    Maldives is nothing without the help of india.

  6. Sending the teacher to India is a good decision, but is that what their parents want to see. What about the culprits once she is gone. Who is going to make a follow up? Is this the respect to an expatriate who comes a long way with lots of sacrifice? Bring out the culprit and hang them.

  7. Cheap dumb .. Whats there to back fire.. Abbas adil riza incited hatred towards india saying they will take over maldives to rid of GMR.. The police beat up women old men and protestors and none charged.. Police has been convicted of acting against the constitution. Still women are flogged more than men, islamic extremism exists since adhaalath is forcing to join their party for Islam and god in broad daylight.. Presidents spoke person accusses HC of india citing him an enemy of the state.. Mr waheed lied to manmohan.. Police threats the Majlis speaker.. And defence minister Nazim has a memory that lasts a day... Ofcourse all the governments HATE MONGERINg has back fired.. And also an MP murdered and still no clue who did it... One more thing, A FREKIN CHILD WAS TO BE WHIPPED AFTER RAPE AND ABUSE stating she had consesual SEX.. Hell yea it has back fired..
    Foreign nationals treated like shit since time..

    Good that India is still very PATIENT of this sick neighbour country called Mordiz...

  8. There is something very wrong here. A woman has been allegedly raped and all we can do is to look at the political implications of this or to find an opportunity to attack Minivan News.What is wrong with us? This is about a very frightened woman fighting to survive. She is a visitor to our nation who is gang- raped by our men. Please! Show some compassion and shame.

  9. May god be with her in this awful time and help her recocery and in getting justice...

    Sadly maldives seems to be ignored by the Almighty since the nationwide telecasted RAPE on 7 february 2012.

  10. @tried.
    Revealing comments.

    So which political party in Maldives stands to gain from the inevitable sensationalization of this news in the global media?

    Good job Minivann.

  11. The problem is with the mindset. What has happend was an obvious tragedy, but some nutters here are already naming Imran and Adhaalath party will be scapegoated next! This is the problem. Anything bad that happens here automatically gets blamed on muslims and people who advocate islam.

    In all the likelihood, the culprits who would have done this to the victim would not have been near a mosque for the past decade, would have been violently intoxicated (which a muslim will not) and is likely to be an open kuffar. but yet its islam that gets all the bashing.

    Already the idea of flogging the victim and stoning the victim has been mentioned by the kuffar in this story. This is what is wrong with Minivan. Minivan has sadly been hijacked by these kaafir morons who are incapable of rational discourse. All they do is rant against islam. they have no sympathy for the victim or outrage against the crime. Only blind hatred against islam. See the problem?

  12. As Angagatha Mithuru on Mon, 11th Feb 2013 6:20 PM say, there is something wrong here!
    Everything from a death to a child birth is politics these days.
    Compassion and shame have been drained out of our system for sure.
    This is totally wrong!
    @hajja on Mon, 11th Feb 2013 5:36 PM.

  13. @hajja on Mon, 11th Feb 2013 5:36 PM.
    If you were real and if you were a woman and if you were gang raped in India, I am sure you will feel the pain and the shame!

  14. Imran and adhaalath they dont advocate islam, they promote inferiorism of male(man).

  15. She came here to maldives with a promise of a pay and the opportunity to help our people to get educated, we send her back lifeless and in pain... Congratulations MALDIVES (PARADISE ON EARTH) U TRULY DESERVE AN AWARD FOR THIS..

  16. Some may say crimes are committed in every society by random criminals. But the question is whether these are random accidents or deep rooted social malignancy. The Maldivian society is misogynist culturally backward people. 99 % are ignorant and believe in superstitions and religious garbage. Every headline gets serious attention on news about people brewing alcohol, and police do everything to stop that are more personal than serious crime like raping, killing, robbing.
    Everybody is hard core religious believer, but do everything that religion prohibits, like drinking, and fornication, This means the Maldivian society was built by some very unfortunate people who were forced to live in these tiny remote Islands as a severe punishment for crimes like murders, raping and robbing. And this malignancy is in their geneses and these are undeniable facts,

  17. @ Alex "we will find these champions who did this"

    If you are able to find these sick people - what can you do in a lawless land?

  18. exact thoughts.. @factfinder. Everything is a war of righteousness.. and everybody around becomes a competitor in their own game, whether you are willing to be a part of or is not LSD the police needs to 'seriously' and 'specifically' chase around.. it is these mental cases infesting the world. with no love or respect.

  19. This is a shame, and damn horrible but still that same woman is a thousand times safer in maldives than in india, the rape stats and sexual assault statistics are FAR FAR worse..

    But hope the perpetrators get punish severely and hope that ladys able to physically and psychologically recover from the traumatic incident

  20. @fact finder

    I support your view.. i call us Maldivians "pirates". yes it is partly true to say we were converted to islam not by choice. the king then, had to convert as he had a sword to his neck. over years we learned to speak read and write but the fact still remains, we are pirates. will always be. cz genetics
    cannot be changed

  21. THIS IS OUTRAGEOUS!!!! Maldives Police Services and all the Island Community should hunt for these people. This is not about political parties and their vengeance gainst each other, we are talking about a human being! regardless of her age nationality.

  22. @factfinder, kobakoba,
    Lets not forget maldives was on the centre of a major trade route from africa, middle east into europe, and so we are not really all south asian, or whatever

  23. this is too much we people help you all and you do to our people like this dont wake upthe gaint other wise you people know the consequence many maldivians visit our country we know what to do to them you morons have got guts come in front why trying a helpless lady from where are you born dont know to respect a women take care dont wake us up enough is enough yu people depend upon us the indian goverment is helping yu finacialy as well as with food so dont take us for granted

  24. This not against Indian. There was rape case happened in Male' last week and the victim was a Maldivian.

    Some people is trying to twist the story for political reason without going into details.

    Our social values and harmony is in deep shit because of dirty politicians.

    Many of these politician use "democracy" as a tool to break the social fabric and use the the term to bring violence.

    Nasheed is one man who had damaged this fabric and he had been advocating the rights to the criminal for ages to win their votes.

  25. Its not the time to debate over nationality or religion. a human being has been brutally abused by some rogues...
    Every one talk about charity, love compassion and sacrifice on the background of religion and nationality...
    If anybody value this, try to bring the culprits before the law and give a compensation to the girl whose life has been spoiled...

  26. NATIONALITY is the one on which everyone feels proud of .When someone is staying outside one's own country, the matter of nationality is at its peak. Moreover, while staying in a foreign country if something wrong happens to somebody who belongs to the same nation, everyone is hurt. Here I STRONGLY CONTEMPT THE INHUMAN ACT THAT HAPPENED IN ALIF ALIF ATOLL. If anyone thinks that one can survive withe help of one's own country it will be a stupid thought. Do Maldivians think that your citizens are living only in Maldives? Certainly not.Thousands of Maldivians are living in another countries even in INDIA for different purposes.Prove that your people deserve to be respected and treated well outside your country by well treating the expatriates who live in MALDIVES... well

  27. To Maldives, Do not wait for India/Indians to have the justice in their hand..even if there was no rape happen still there was a crime of attempted rape & murder, & physical injury. India/Indians wake eye for an eye a tooth for a tooth...

  28. No wonder that this happens. When Adhaalath till today shouts about "Hindu dogs throwing out of nation".
    Sick people, insane sheikhs, hatred preachers.
    Funny thing is : no better way to boycott bagees than to make known how their own government parties talk about tourists.

  29. it is the religious intolerence and national narrow mindedness cause problem.

  30. Shame on you Maldivians.How come you will give safety to your sisters and mothers,if you can't give it to your guests?

  31. My deepest sympathies to the young lady and her family. May Allah bless her. This is the result of extremism and hate mongering.

  32. If H.E Rahul Gandhi decides to make an issue out of this, we are dead. Relations are now amicable between us.

    We will not present the guilty before the law (not necessarily). We will butcher them, in custody. Their organs will be missing. This is a national security incident.

  33. Cut the bullshit.

    Punish the culprits. If you dont, I will implore to Indians, to take on same path.

    Tit-for-tat. In our religion, it is eye for an eye. The reason for this is that, the culprits would never realise otherwise.

    IF we fail to take action here, the culprits are Maldivians. Maldivian Government. As a whole.

  34. dear Maldivian and Mohamed Waheed Hassan Manik, give capital punishment for the rapers very soon, or else u will get capital punishment from the God. Sending her back to India before hanging the rapist,will show that you are eagerly seeking the Punishment from God. Maldives won't exist in the world after december 2013. Be serious and Repent.

  35. So glad I decided to leave the Maldives for good years ago. Changing citizenship soon. Can't wait to no longer be associated with my former home. I still remember how beautiful and idyllic it was in the 90's, but yup, it's hell now.

  36. we wants islamic republic and sharia law in Maldives now. If you dont like go to indiya or lanka.
    Excuse my inglis, I am from pakistan.

  37. I think this type of brutal rapes are increasing day by day and it’s high time to take proper actions or it’s questioning about the current law and justice system. We need an effective and systemic solution for preventing this type of ruthless crime or government should allow a gun for each woman in the country for self saving. In fact, the criminals must be punished with a death penalty to reduce rape and other crimes with women. Some days ago in Delhi, the capital of India had an incident in the same type of brutal gang rape in the running bus. Really very sad that she died from her injuries thirteen days later while undergoing emergency treatment in Singapore for brain and gastrointestinal damage. So, all of these stories tells the false and unsafe protection policies of government. The government should take immediate action and high security for ensuring the safety of woman because so many women’s would like to visit India to explore their tours and vacations. So, without a proper safety to walk in street how can they live in this world?

  38. Please avoid unnessessary comments for God sake and for her good future.It's not a nice thing to comment on it.


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