Maldivians called to pray for Palestine following conflict

Adhaalath Party (AP) President Sheikh Imran Abdulla called for Maldivians to pray for a Palestinian victory in the current conflict with Israel.

During the “Maldivians with Gaza” gathering held last night (November 20), Imran told how the Palestinians needed Maldivians to pray for them following the air strikes on Gaza.

“Today we are consulting with various people. Discussions are underway to open a fund to help Gaza, based on the way the events might unfold in the next few days,” Imran said.

During a recent visit to Palestine, Sheikh Mohamed Didi relayed the grim scenes he had witnessed, also adding that Palestinians love the Maldivian people and were grateful for the relations displayed by the country.

“Water tanks were on every roof. When we asked they said it were there to combat the water shortage caused due to the water cuts by Israel. A mosque was torched while we were there,” Didi detailed.

A special prayer was conducted for the Palestinian people at last night’s gathering.


3 thoughts on “Maldivians called to pray for Palestine following conflict”

  1. If you throw stones at your neighbour expect them to throw some back. Lets get some facts straight, regardless of what religion is involved in this mess you can't expect a country to suffer attacks by militant groups supported by a government and not attack in return.

    Isreal has bomb Hamas targets who locate their offices in schools, hospitals and residential places. Hamas are cowards hiding behind woman and children.

    Hamas have fired over 700 rockets into Israel before they responded. Rockets that targeted schools and residental places, not military or government sites.

    The Water issue is due to the Palestine Government, run by Hamas not spending money on inferstructor, but on arms and military equipment. They are also responsible for digging tunnels in order to smuggle equipment over the border, which actually caused the main water supply to collapse, thus restricting the flow into Gaza.

    The Mosque caught fire, because a terrorist was making a suicide vest in a room at the rear of the Mosque. He mistakenally detonated it and blew himself up along with half the Mosque.

    If you give money to Palestine it will end up in the pockets of Hamas to buy more rockets, not the innocent in this conflict.

  2. D F u are amazing person and u know what is happening in gazaa and guess u were there when the Hamas guy blew the mosque.

    You r truly infested with anni virus and there is no cure for this disease yet

  3. Mody on Wed, 21st Nov 2012 10:20 PM

    No Mody, i am not an amazing person just someone that reads newsreports from all around the world and not just onesided views of a situation. Its called making a qualified decison based on facts not propaganda.

    And of course i didn't mention the political situation in the Maldives in my post and honestly don't care if Anni is or isn't president. The clue is in the name i support free and fair elections and am not opposed to seeing anyone as president as long as they are voted in by the majority, not corrupt and willing to stand up for the rights of all their citizens on the international field of politics.

    It is you that is infested with a aliment that prevents you from seeing outside of your Maldivain box, there is a bigger world out there, which doesnt revolve around island politics.

    Now go back to your little hut and digest some real facts and not the force feed drivel you believe to be true.


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