Malé pedestrianised zones in effect from today

The housing ministry will issue permits to park vehicles in the newly pedestrianised zones starting from today, according to a press statement from the ministry.

From today (February 15), Heena Goalhi, Rayvila Magu – both in Henveiru ward, and the narrow road leading from Burevi Magu will be closed to vehicles until June 8.

The decision was made by housing ministry on February 10 after President Abdulla Yameen pledged to introduce vehicle free zones in Malé, with the government saying that more would follow the initial pilot scheme.

The press statement issued by ministry today noted that permits to park in the vehicle free zones would only be issued to those living in the area, while the permit will only be issued after presenting evidence that the person is living in the area and the vehicle registration.


One thought on “Malé pedestrianised zones in effect from today”

  1. this is probably a bad idea. they are going to cause a lot of damage to local businesses if they do it without due consideration. they blocked a road with a vehicle garage and a warehouse. the owners of those places will now go bankrupt. it is unacceptable. why can't the government think these things through?


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