Three more hospitalised as wave of attacks continues

Three more stabbings have occurred in the capital Malé within the last 24 hours, bringing the total number of attacks in the past week to nine.

Two men – both aged 18-years-old – were attacked in broad daylight in the area near Henveiru Park this morning, while a 19-year-old was attacked in the same area yesterday (August 1).

Those attacked this morning were treated at the nearby Senahiya military hospital before being transferred to ADK, while yesterday’s victim has been taken to IGMH.

Local media has identified the 18-year-olds as Ali Arif, from Henveiru Shaiban, and Mohamed Mazin, from Dhiggaamaage in Meemu Miladhoo. Mazin’s condition has been reported as serious.

The spate of attacks – which has included a fatal stabbing in Kaafu Thulusdhoo – has prompted the Jumhooree Party to call on authorities to end the spike in violence that has accompanied the end of Ramadan.

There have been no reports of arrests being made in connection with any of this week’s incidents, barring the murder in Thulusdhoo, for which a local man has handed himself  in – having his detention period extended yesterday.

Earlier this week four men and a woman were attacked in separate incidents on Monday and Tuesday. One man was mugged in Maafannu ward,  two men were stabbed in Hulhumalé, a woman was stabbed in Galolhu ward, and another man was stabbed – again, in the Henveiru area of Malé.

The weeks prior to Ramadan saw a number of abductions and assaults in the capital which victims claimed to have been related to their alleged association with online secularist movements.

While an online group associating itself with these earlier incidents had promised a post-Ramadan resumption of campaigning against those perceived to be mocking Islam, police have not said whether they believe this week’s attacks are linked to one another.

Police have today said that the serious and organised crime department is investigating this week’s attacks. Malé’s gang culture has been well-documented in recent years, with leading politicians and businessmen often closely associated with organised criminals.

Police statistics reveal 95 incidents of assault reported in July alone. The number brings up the total number of assault cases to 697 this year. Approximately 1500 cases of assault are reported annually in the Maldives, of which a majority occur in Malé.


7 thoughts on “Three more hospitalised as wave of attacks continues”

  1. As usual minivan associates two completely unrelated incidents in one article;
    assault the secular folk with regular street crime.

    Blame the"baibalaa" tournaments on the sudden rise in violent street crime which is pretty habitual yearly.

  2. More drugs -more death.
    Very strange statistics of the different criminals activity for country that calls itself 100% muslims)))

  3. Maldives is endowed with thousands of beautiful islands of high value, a vast ocean rich in marine wealth, a homogenous people and totally insulated from the conflicts of the world. 10 years before murder is unheard of and is some thing that happens abroad.

    In the last 10 years Maldivian are more rich than ever, more educated, travel more, and have access to all information and have a multi party democracy like that of the advance countries. Yet 90% of murder and barbaric activities happen in the last 10 years.

    Now there is more information available, but more confusion.
    There is more democracy but more corruption.
    There is more wealth but more poverty
    There more religious talk but more drugs
    There are more leaders but no leadership
    There is more talk, but no clarity

    Maldivians have really made a JOKE of civilization. With all the abundance of richness that God has endowed this country, our 'leaders' have CONSCIOUSLY CHOSEN to be stupid and dumb instead of providing leadership

    But who will have the last laugh !!!

  4. Much of the problem with mugging, violence, drugs and attacks has its root in the high unemployment in the country, nearly 30%. I also think the large Gaza engagement has to do with that Maldivian’s feel they are in same situation with very high young population, mostly unemployed. Gaza is isolated by another country, and Maldives is isolated from the sea.

  5. @willy Pasta

    Youth are under employed. Not unemployed. Unemployed is when people look for work but there are no jobs.

    But in Maldives there are enough jobs, starting from a 40,000 rf a month fisherman (in addition to fisherman's allowance)

    So what 'unemployment' are u talking about

  6. It seems after Ramazan, usual purification of year long sins, a new wave of barbarism started. Im sure all these corrupted people must be one time beard growers with knee cut trousers, the usual hobos, who were hopeless after praying 24 hour but with no improvement in life took refuge in drugs and ultimately drug has altered the dopamine functioning leading to schizophrenia
    Isn’t better stop rhetoric of death sentence and instead do some research on why this is happening on one time timid harmless creatures why they are turning to dangerous beasts. I am sure this cycles of stabbing is wave of revenge and the police is clueless, the moronic police who can’t control the mad dogs in a small family, but have a big mouth and some smart outfit, probably most of these hobos join police force for easy food and are part of gang violence.

  7. @Adam:

    Maybe you should hang out with the gangs who do the stabbings and have a recording device handy.


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