Male’ to be traffic free between 4-10PM on Eid ul-Adha

The Transport Authority has decided that Male’ will be a traffic free zone between 4:00pm and 10:00pm on Eid ul-Adha this coming Friday, reports Sun Online.

A similar plan was made for Eid ul-Fitr earlier this year, but was called off after the authority complained that it had not been consulted before Male’ City Council (MCC) made the announcement.

MCC Councillor Mohamed Abdul Kareem told Sun that the intention was to make the day more enjoyable for families.

The only vehicles in operation during these hours will be police and emergency vehicles as well as those used by the disabled.


One thought on “Male’ to be traffic free between 4-10PM on Eid ul-Adha”

  1. For some ppl it's been a fun to make a walkin , since thy dnt hav to go fr place to place coz thy hav ppl workin fr thm, one day in a year is fine, make tht day environmental day, no vehicle etc day. But nw evn a holiday comes walking day, flag day, sticker day etc


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