Six women and four men arrested with alcohol, police and army uniforms

Police last night raided a house called Peach Melba in Henveiru ward, and arrested six women, four men and a minor, whose gender was not disclosed, after police discovered alcohol and police and army uniforms inside the residence.

According to a statement by police, officers raided the house in response to information reported to police, and arrested people inside the house.

Police officers discovered two bottles containing suspected alcohol, one empty alcohol bottle and glasses that were allegedly used to consume alcohol, police said.

A piece of cellophane containing suspected narcotics was also discovered after  police searched a cigarette packet on the shoe rack inside the room.

Furthermore, police said some police and army uniforms were also found inside, although the residence was not home to anyone employed in the police or Maldives National Defence Force (MNDF).

According to local media, police found police Special Operations (SO) combat uniforms and both MNDF combat and normal uniforms.

Police have not identified the 10 arrested, but said they were aged between 19 and 37 while the minor arrested was 16 years-old, according to police.

The police Drug Enforcement Department (DED) is further investigating the case.


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  1. The irony is no police officer or army man reported loosing their uniforms.


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