Man assaulted in Malé

A young man was assaulted and seriously injured near the Usfasgandu area of Malé last night, reports local media.

A police patrol discovered the victim on the ground around 1am and took him to the Indira Gandhi Memorial Hospital for treatment.

Police said a group of men on motorbikes assaulted the youth and no arrests have yet been made. Local media reported that the victim was attacked with wrenches while he was working on his motorbike.

The extent of the victim’s injuries also remain unclear.

Earlier this week, two men were stabbed in a café in Malé while several violent assaults took place in the capital during the previous month.

spate of violent assaults in the capital in August – which police said was a series of gang reprisals – saw three young men stabbed to death.


3 thoughts on “Man assaulted in Malé”

  1. State-sponsored thugs going around attacking anyone they think is a threat to the regime's continued, illegal occupation.

  2. Violence will increase as long as Nasheed and his thugs want. They are the people who are behind these violence and they think that these kind of activities will bring down the Gov. and then Nasheed can become the President.

    Nasheed is a man of violence

  3. @Hero

    Your rehtoric is heard by few.In your hatred you may start shouting today is first january 2000,but it is not.i heard your home minister saying your idol yamin is a thug who killed afrashim


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