Man dies in Hithadhoo car accident

The man who was injured in a Hithadhoo car accident and brought to Indira Gandi Memorial Hospital (IGMH) for medical treatment has died.

Police identified the man as Ali Nasheed, 20, from Seenu Hithadhu.

The other three men in the car were also injured in the accident. Police reported that they remain in Hithadhu regional hospital.


One thought on “Man dies in Hithadhoo car accident”

  1. @Nazeer

    After reading this, I am so dissappointed with Minivan News ...I doubt ur reliability now...As far as i know all four of them were brought to male' last night and they all are at ADK and yes one of them died today (God Bless Him)

    Maybe most people wont even care enough to read these type of posts..but still it is news isnt it? so next time i hope you do ur reserch well before publishing it.


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