Man stabbed near ‘neutral city’ park

A 33 year-old man was injured last night in a robbery near the ‘neutral city’ park on Alikileygefaanu Magu, reports Miadhu.

The victim received a serious injury to the head and was stabbed in the stomach. He was taken to IGMH Intensive Care Unit.

The victim was allegedly attacked by a group of people on motorcycles.


2 thoughts on “Man stabbed near ‘neutral city’ park”

  1. if you dont have a weapon then dont mess with someone who does, hope he survives

  2. this is my neighbourhood and this is not the first. in the past year there have been three such cases if i remember correctly. gang fights and other such crimes are also common occurings here. as a constituent of this area, i call eva to do more about these criminal gangs. the park is a regular place where drug deals take place. we fear taking our children to the park for the fear of them witnessing such a crime. this has gone far enough!


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