IGMH introduces text message, mobile, and internet appointment service

The government-run Indira Gandhi Memorial Hospital (IGMH) has introduced new services for making appointments through text messages, an Android application, and from the hospital’s website.

Deputy director of operations Mohamed Rishwan told the press today that the new services are intended to ease the burden for customers who have to wait in long queues.

Customers will also be able to check which token number is being served. Rishwan said there will be separate queues for emergency, X-rays, OPD, and laboratory services.

IGMH is the only tertiary hospital in the Maldives and caters to patients travelling from across the country.


Police officer assaulted in Malé

A group of people dragged a police office into a private residence in Malé and beat him severely last night.

A police media official told Minivan News that the policeman was forced into a house near Petrel café in Machangoalhi ward and beaten at around 11.10pm.

“He was taken to Indira Gandhi Memorial Hospital for treatment. He suffered injuries to the head and had minor cuts and bruises,” police said.

The injured officer has since been released. No arrests have been made yet.

Two police officers were assaulted during an anti-government protest on May 1. The two were taken to Sri-Lanka for further treatment.

Some 14 individuals have been arrested over the May Day assault.


Police, MNDF launch joint security operation after fatal stabbing

The Maldives Police Service (MPS) and Maldives National Defence Force (MNDF) have launched a joint security operation following the fatal stabbing of a 29-year-old man in Malé last night.

A police media official told Minivan News that the victim – identified as Nooru Adam Hassanfulhu – was stabbed near Indira Gandhi Memorial Hospital (IGMH) at around 1:30am. He died while undergoing emergency treatment around 3:25am.

Local media reported eyewitnesses as saying that Adam was stabbed in the neck and ribs by two men who drove by on a motorcycle.

In a separate incident, a 23-year-old man was assaulted around 11:45pm near the Euro Store on Chandhanee Magu.

Police said the victim was released last night after treatment at IGMH.

“No arrests have been made so far related to last night’s stabbings. However, the investigation team has started investigating all of the stabbings,” said the media official.

The fatal stabbing last night follows a spike in violence against expatriates last week that saw two Bangladeshis murdered and four expatriates stabbed.

Adam’s death marked the fifth murder this year. A 23-year-old was stabbed to death outside his home in the Henveiru ward of Malé on February 21, whilst a 29-year-old was killed in Laamu Mundoo on March 20.

The MNDF meanwhile announced today that soldiers would be assisting the police in a special operation launched tonight to ensure peace and security in Malé and other regions across the country.

The security operation – launched at 6:00pm – involves checking vehicles at land, conducting inspections of vessels at sea, and stopping and searching individuals, MNDF said.

After expressing concern over the deteriorating security situation in capital Malé, the home ministry last night cancelled the annual Earth Hour activities.

The ministry asked the public not to switch off lights and cancelled two music shows.

The Ministry of Economic Development meanwhile changed the closing time of shops and restaurants to 10:00pm and 12:00am, respectively.


IGMH HIV transfusion case sent back to PG

The Criminal Court has returned to the prosecutor general the case of the IGMH lab technician charged with responsibility for transferring HIV infected blood to a pregnant Maldivian patient.

Court officials told Sun Online that the investigation was incomplete, but that the prosecution of an Indian national – charged under Article 88 of the Penal Code – would be resubmitted after further investigation.

After the transfusion of infected blood occurred in February last year, the Indian lab technician was said to have admitted culpability in the incident.

The technician had been working at the hospital for seven years and had received an award for his performance prior to the incident.

Source: Sun Online


IGMH website hacked

The official website of the Male’ City’s state run hospital, Indhira Gandhi Memorial Hospital (IGMH), has been hacked.

According to IGMH Media Officer Zeenath Ali, the website was hacked on Sunday, October 12.She has told local media that the hospital’s IT department is currenlty working on retrieving the website.

Zeenath stated that the hospital’s management does not have any knowledge of who might have been behind the hacking.

Earlier in October, the Maldives National Defence Force (MNDF) official site was also hacked, while multiple government websites were taken down in May after an online hacker defaced pages with messages raising awareness of atrocities in the Syrian civil war.


IGMH seeking Indian government assistance to procure equipment

The Indira Gandhi Memorial Hospital (IGMH) is working on bringing in a new MRI machine and CT scan machine with the help of the Indian government, newly-appointed CEO Farhath Shaheer told newspaper Haveeru last week.

The former brigadier general and vice chief of the Maldives National Defence Forces told the local daily that the Indian government has assured the new equipment can be brought within three months through the Indian Defence Corporation.

“We are hoping the machinery to be brought in and installed by February next year. They have come and taken inventory of space available to put the machines in,” he was quoted a saying, adding that the Indian government would be in charge of servicing the machines for the next five years.

Shaheer also said the hospital plans to improve the appointment process by putting an automated system in place in November.

MRI scans are currently available only at the ADK private hospital.


President forms governing board for IGMH, Vilimalé, Hulhumalé hospitals

President Abdulla Yameen has formed a governing board to oversee the Indira Gandhi Memorial Hospital, the Vilimalé hospital, and the Hulhumalé hospital.

Acting Health Minister Colonel (Retired) Mohamed Nazim told the press on Thursday (September 4) that the board would be comprised of Brigadier General (Retired) Farhath Shaheer, Assistant Regional Director of the World Health Organisation (WHO) Dr Abdul Sattar Yoosuf, Dr Abdul Azeez, Permanent Secretary at the Ministry of Economic Development Yoosuf Riza, and Aishath Saadh from the Department of National Planning.

Farhath Shaheer was also appointed CEO of IGMH while former Police Integrity Commission Chair Dr Abdulla Waheed was appointed director general of medical service at IGMH, and Maimoona Saeed was appointed director general of the nursing service.

Former CEO Dr Mohamed Habeeb was appointed state minister at the Ministry of Health.

Following the controversial transfer of presidential power in February 2012, the new administration announced it would abolish seven health corporations formed by former President Mohamed Nasheed to be brought under one central umbrella corporation.


Man stabbed near southwestern harbour

A 20-year-old man was stabbed at the ‘Thih Ruh Park’ near the southwestern harbour in Malé last night by two men on a motorcycle, reports local media.

According to the Indira Gandhi Memorial Hospital, the victim was recovering after an operation last night.

Police said no arrests have been made yet in connection with the latest violent assault.

Last week, a 19-year-old stabbing victim died as a result of injuries. Doctors had removed his right leg in an attempt to save his life after he was stabbed six times.

Ahmed Aseel was the third victim of a fatal stabbing in recent weeks that have seen a surge in gang violence in the capital.


Stabbing victim Aseel dies from injuries

Stabbing victim Ahmed Aseel – 19-years-old – attacked in Malé last week, has died as a result of his injuries.

It was reported on Thursday that doctors had removed his right leg in an attempt to save his life after he was stabbed six times, though family members had said he remained on a ventilator in the Indira Gandhi Memorial Hospital.

Aseel was attacked near Iskandhar School in the Machangolhi ward of the the capital on August 23 along with two others – aged 20 and 13-years-old – whose injuries were not critical.

Eyewitnesses said a group of masked men stabbed the two men in the back and struck the minor on the head before fleeing on motorbikes.

Aseel’s death marks the third stabbing fatality in the country in the past month. An incident in Kaafu Thulusdhoo – reported to have been the result of a personal quarrel – was soon followed by a spate spate of violent assaults in Malé earlier this month.

These attacks also saw 18-year-old Mohamed Mazin, from Dhiggaamaage in Noonu Miladhoo, fatally stabbed on August 2. Police intelligence later suggested the assaults were gang reprisals sparked by “a disturbance between two groups.”

Police have confiscated a number of weapons from areas where gangs congregate, including the Henveiru Park area where Mazin was attacked, as well as making a number of arrests in relation to the various attacks.

A resident of the area in Aseel was attacked told Minivan News that two knives and an axe were found near the staircase of their house after the attacks.

The weapons appeared to be unused and were taken as evidence by the police, who are today reported by local media to have arrested two 18-year-olds in connection with the case.

On August 13, police began dismantling huts and clearing out makeshift dens in open spaces in the capital used exclusively by gangs.

Fifteen journalists reported receiving death threats in relation to their outlets’ coverage of the capital’s notorious gang problems.

Broadcasting authorities have noted significant media intimidation from gangs, while local media recently released a joint statement calling upon authorities to take action.