Mandhu College sets up virtual campus

Mandhu College has set up a virtual campus in collaboration with telco Ooredoo and invited applications from prospective students from across the Maldives.

The private higher education institute explained in a press release yesterday that the ‘Mandhu College Virtual Campus’ was developed over the course of nine years and has been formally launched after a trial run of one semester.

The primary aim of the Virtual Campus is to provide easy access to aspiring students who are residing in islands other than Malé to different areas of higher education,” the press release stated.

“The Virtual Campus brings together students and lecturers in different locations to a ‘virtual classroom’, where all participants can interact freely. Students can interact with their teacher and other students in real time. Furthermore, with Mandhu College Virtual Campus, students now get an opportunity to study while carrying out their family and working obligations.

“Mandhu College and Ooredoo have worked in partnership to maximise the use of available technology to ensure that all students in the Maldives can gain easy access to higher education, and that they will be able to experience an uncompromised standard of higher education.”

The statement also noted that “students and lecturers who have experienced the facilities of the Virtual Campus have expressed their satisfaction with this mode of study and is willing to continue to progress with this opportunity.”

Speaking at a ceremony last night, Mandhu College Chairman Ibrahim Ismail ‘Ibra’ said he first envisioned the establishment of a virtual campus in 2006.

While some called it an impossible dream, “we know today that it is possible,” said the former MP and chair of the Special Majlis committee that drafted the new constitution.

Ibra said Mandhu College hoped to seek the assistance of lecturers from major international universities to conduct courses for the virtual campus, adding that that the college has decided to reduce course fees by 30 percent.

Ooredoo CEO Vikram Singha meanwhile said that the establishment of the virtual campus was “noteworthy, even on an international level.”