Mandhu College handed a 15 day eviction notice by Ministry of Education

Mandhu Learning Center’s Mandhu College Campus in Machangoalhi ward has been handed a 15 day eviction notice by the Ministry of Education.

State Minister at the Ministry of Education Dr Abdulla Nazeer told Minivan News that the college was handed the notice as it was operating in violation of the agreement made with the government.

“The building was initially given to Malé English School (MES) in to operate a school. In 2008, the contract was renewed and MES signed a third party agreement with Mandhu College who then started using the building to run a college,” said Dr Nazeer.

Nazeer said that a separate letter was sent to Mandhu College inviting it to engage in negotiations with the government regarding the interest of students currently studying at the college.

Mandhu College Chairman, Ibrahim Ismail ‘Ibra’ declined to comment on the issue at the present time.


2 thoughts on “Mandhu College handed a 15 day eviction notice by Ministry of Education”

  1. Disgusting politically tainted and corrupt decision. Colleges should be supported to improve education in the Maldives, not blocked from doing so to help out it's competitors.

    The argumentation makes no sense, but that's not necessary since judges are corrupt too.

  2. I guess the dumb moron's angry because Mandhu college is TRYING to improve education for the youth of Maldives, despite the harassment.



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