MDA slams former governments over sanitation

The Maldivian Development Alliance (MDA) yesterday (February 9) slammed successive governments over what it claimed was a failure to address sanitation issues across the country, while also calling for greater respect of police and military officers by the public.

MDA Interim Leader MP Ahmed ‘Sun Travel’ Shiyam was reported by his Sun Online media organisation as claiming that a need for increased health spending in recent years was a direct result of a failure to address sanitation issues across the country.

The comments were made during a rally to try and boost party members on Noonu Atoll Kedhikolhudhoo.

Government corruption under successive regimes was highlighted by Shiyam as a key reason for a failure to address healthcare concerns in the country’s outer atolls, as well as the provision of clean water supplies for residents.

He contended that money raised through taxation reforms over the last two years was not therefore being adequately invested to nationally address water pollution and other preventative healthcare measures.

Sun Online also reported MDA Interim Deputy Leader Aishath Rafiyya as claiming during the party’s campaigning on Kedhikolhudhoo that the public should show their appreciation and loyalty to the country’s police and military officers.

With senior defence figures rejecting allegations of police brutality at the time of the controversial transfer of power last year, Aishath stressed that security forces had been well trained and operated in the country with “honesty and loyalty”.  She added that their work required the appreciation of the public.


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  1. The money got trough the Taxation were used to pay off the MDP member .

    Nasheed was one of most corrupted person we have seen in the recent past.


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