Tourism Minister confident to meet 2013 one million tourist target

Tourism Minister Ahmed Adheeb has claimed the Maldives will post one million tourist arrivals in 2013 after falling narrowly short of the mark last year.

Adheeb told local media that the government had “re-set” its sights on the one million arrival target that was set in 2012.

Last year, a total of 958,027 tourists arrived in the Maldives, with visitor numbers showing an eventual improvement despite the negative impact on the industry from political uncertainty in February.

“I really believe we can bring one million tourists to Maldives. We can very much confirm that when January and February end,” he was quoted as saying in local newspaper Haveeru.

The Tourism Minister said that with Chinese New Year being celebrated this month, the Maldives would see an unprecedented boost in arrivals, local media reported.

“As the Maldives market is based in China, large numbers of tourists come here to celebrate the Chinese New Year. I will say that Maldives’ New Year is already here,” he added.


2 thoughts on “Tourism Minister confident to meet 2013 one million tourist target”

  1. I doubt that this can be achieved since our beloved president Mr. Nasheed is going around the globe and asking to boycott the tourism in Maldives.

    Nasheed is crazy and his objective is to suffer people and then people need to come to him to get food and other basic needs.

    This was tactics that were used in the past by some dictators and those who later claimed to be the GOD.

  2. @ kuribee you are a d***head with a sick adiction to blaming everything on Nasheed.

    Before you start claiming that i am a MDP follower, that is not true, but i am a great believer in the truth.

    Despite the big myth that Tourism is the Maldives big saviour, this couldn't be further from the truth. Money from tourism goes into the pockets of the resort owners and only a fraction is paid into the government as taxes. If tourism was a benefit to the whole country, all Maldivian citizens would have health bank accounts and be living the high life, because if you work out the capital revenue raised and divid it be all Maldivians you would all be richer than any other nation. The fact is it is spread thin amongst your elite, regardless of politicial views.

    As for the article, why would the chinese come to spend the Chinese New Year in the Maldives, you don't accept other religious festivals, it's another twist of your version of Islam unless it involves money.


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