MDP government misleads the public and lacks sincerity: DRP leader Thasmeen

The current MDP administration misleads the people and lacks sincerity, said DRP MP and leader Ahmed Thasmeen Ali at a public DRP meeting at the Artificial Beach in Male. The previous administration was the exact opposite and did not mislead the public and was sincere and cared more for the people, Thasmeen said.

After almost two years in office, the MDP government had failed to fulfil any of its electoral pledges, the DRP leader said, and he listed the broken pledges – higher electricity tariffs, reductions to civil servants pay, increases in the cost of living, and reduced job opportunities.

Thasmeen said the current government is very propagandist, and its most recent effort was to discredit DRP’s honorary leader Maumoon Abdul Gayyoom by labelling him as corrupt. Thasmeen defended his former boss as a very sincere and honest man.

At the meeting, Ali Waheed, DRP’s deputy leader, said that former President Maumoon ruled the country for 30 years with sincerity, and the DRP will take legal action against anyone who says otherwise. The meeting also condemned the article by the New York Times alleging corruption of US$400 million during the previous administration and also criticised Miadhu Daily for carrying the story in the local media.

Ibrahim Shareef, another deputy leader of the party, criticised Ahmed Abdulla, CEO of Miadhu Daily, and he said the MDP administration was dictatorial.