“The current government is failing”: government-aligned PPM

The government has come under fire from Progressive Party of the Maldives (PPM) potential presidential candidate Abdulla Yameen, who has claimed institutions are both failing and corrupt.

Speaking at a rally on February 7 to mark the anniversary of former President Mohamed Nasheed’s removal from power, Yameen called for President Mohamed Waheed Hassan Manik to “set things right”, adding that the current government had come to a halt.

Despite PPM being part of the current government coalition, local media reported Yameen as criticising a number of issues he claimed the government was responsible for.

“What we’re seeing today, and it is with sadness I say this, is the current government failing. The institutions are now incapable,” Sun Online quoted Yameen as saying.

Yameen, who is the half-brother of former autocratic ruler Maumoon Abdul Gayoom, further claimed that Maldivians will not believe they have achieved democracy unless laws are properly implemented by the government, local media reported.

“Major crimes are being committed on the streets. Rights are being invaded and violated. We want a clean, bold and a just government. A government with our support.

“Unless laws are being implemented, the Maldivians won’t believe that they have achieved democracy. They won’t believe a dictatorial rule had ended. We don’t see a difference,” local newspaper Haveeru quoted Yameen as saying.

Yameen’s comments come less than one month after the PPM appointed former 30-year ruler Gayoom – who many claim ran the country as a dictator – as its party President.

The PPM presidential candidate further criticised foreign interference with internal issues in the Maldives, claiming that the government was making it possible for foreign parties to do so.

“Foreign countries are interfering with internal issues of the Maldives to a greater extent than we’re comfortable with. The government is giving them that opportunity,” Yameen was quoted as saying in local media.

Yameen’s critical remarks were met with backlash yesterday (February 8), including from the government-aligned Dhivehi Rayyithunge Party (DRP).

DRP Parliamentary Group Deputy Leader Abdullah Mausoom told local media the PPM was willing to take credit for the government’s success, but distanced itself when the government faced criticism.

“If the government achieves something, they’d say it was them, they want to be the ones who sustain the government. But if the government is being harmed in any way, they are not part of it. If the government gets recognised for something, they take credit for it,” he told Sun Online.

Mausoom said that PPM had obstructed the government on two occasions, expressing concern that the party still continues to criticise the government despite the challenges faced due to the obstructions.

Speaking to local media, he said that whilst the budget is the most important part of providing public services, the PPM and Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) had reduced it by MVR 2 million, and that it would not be “wise” to criticise the difficulties this may cause.

Furthermore, Mausoom claimed that the Executive Oversight Committee (EOC) – currently investigating the Commission of National Inquiry (CoNI) report – is held by a Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) majority and that this was facilitated by the PPM.

Mausoom said that the former Parliamentary Leader of the People’s Alliance – Abdulla Yameen – had given up the party’s spot in the EOC when he joined the PPM, giving the MDP a majority.

President’s Spokesperson Masood Imad, and Dhivehi Quamee Party Leader Hassan Saeed were not responding to calls from Minivan News at time of press.

Jumhoree Party (JP) Spokesman Moosa Ramiz said he needed to discuss Yameen’s comments with the JP’s leader, resort tycoon Gasim Ibrahim, before giving the party’s official view. Minivan News was awaiting his response at time of press.

Cracks are starting to appear: MDP

Speaking to Minivan News today (February 9), MDP Spokesman Hamed Abdul Ghafoor said Yameen was “expressing discontent” within the government’s ranks, and that cracks were beginning to appear within the coalition.

“There are two issues that seem to disturb them at the moment. The EOC coming up with evidence supporting that there was a coup, and the other being President Nasheed’s court case.

“It is looking like they are also trying to get Nasheed out of the [Presidential elections] race,” Ghafoor said.

In regard to the EOC’s investigation into the CoNI report, Yameen was quoted as saying during Thursday’s rally that the investigation was “determinably illegal” and that it was being spearheaded Parliament Speaker Abdulla Shahid.

The investigation by the Executive Oversight Committee has so far seen senior military and police intelligence figures give evidence alleging that the transfer of power on February 7 “had all the hallmarks of a coup d’etat”, whilst claiming that the final CoNI report published last year had not reflected their input.

Speaking at the rally, Yameen said the government had no legal obligation to cooperate with the EOC in regard to the CoNI investigation, local media reported.

“As Parliamentary Group Leader of PPM, I have told the President that the government does not have to cooperate with the Majlis Committee investigating CoNI Report. The executive shall run according to the legal instruction of the Attorney General and not a Majlis Committee.

“[Parliament Speaker] Abdulla Shahid is now investigating the CoNI Report, and I wonder what he has in mind to do. On behalf of PPM, I would emphatically say that they are undertaking an illegal work. They cannot do it”, Sun Online reported Yameen as saying.


5 thoughts on ““The current government is failing”: government-aligned PPM”

  1. PPM endorsed kicking out GMR and now they're blaming "this government" for worsening ties with india. How two-faced can they be?

  2. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black: PPM: BMW - fat chance of anyone (sane) buying this cynical claptrap especially coming from a psychotic mobster..ie clever but evil.Beware

  3. Dictatorial rule in Maldives ended when Yameen's brother was ousted with the first democratically elected government in 2008. Dictatorial rule returned when Yameen and his brother's party plotted with some factions within the police and the military to topple that elected government.

    Yameen can't have his cake and eat it at the same time.

    "Parliament Speaker Abdulla Shahid is now investigating the CoNI Report, and I wonder what he has in mind to do. On behalf of PPM, I would emphatically say that they are undertaking an illegal work."

    On behalf of the citizens of the Republic of Maldives, I announce that Speaker Abdulla Shahid is carrying out duties entrusted to him by the people of the Republic of Maldives (whether PPM likes it or not) and therefore has all the power to investigate the CoNI Report.

    I would emphatically add that Yameen is not a lawyer either.

  4. As leader of PPM parliamentary group, Yaameen is advising the Traitor President to head into the eye of the storm by not heeding to the People's Majlis!

    On behalf of PPM, Yaameen is saying that Abdulla Shahid, speaker of the majlis is carrying out illegal work!

    Action of Yaameen in the worst case scenario of a vote of no confidence for the Traitor President seems to be hanging in suspense and is a threat!

    The coalition full with traitors seem to be under stress and just about to crack! True!

    Yaameen is no lawyer but a vicious snake who speak with a dirty fork tongue! Abdulla Shahid is doing what he is being asked to do for the people!

    The more Yaameen struggle to get out of the muck he is in, the quicker he will drown in it!

  5. Yameen says it "saddens him" that the Government is failing, hehe, yeah right! So I guess it must now be absolutely HEARTBREAKING for him that he must believe he would be justified in taking charge of the Government himself, for the "good" of the people.

    What a tragic life it must be for Yameen, huh? Shakespeare could not have written a sadder story, Yameen's tragic life. The pain of the Maldivian people already hurts him so DEEPLY, and, to top it all off, he may now have to go through the heart wrenching AGONY of being the President himself.


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