MDP’s Hamed Abdul Ghafoor fails to attend court appearance, cites parliamentary privilege

Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) MP Hamed Abdul Ghafoor reportedly failed to attend a court hearing today where he faces charges of refusing to provide a urine sample following suspicions of alcohol consumption.

Sun Online reported that Ghafoor’s legal representatives told the court he was unable to attend the 2pm hearing due to his presence in the People’s Majlis – therefore excusing his absence under parliamentary privilege.

During his last court appearance, Ghafoor denied he had been asked to provide a urine sample following his arrest on the island of Hondaidhoo last November, asking for the case to be thrown out.

Ghafoor allegedly failed to provide the urine sample after being arrested on the uninhabited island along with a group of MDP politicians and other senior political figures.  A number of those arrested with Ghafoor were charged with alcohol and drug possession.

In a case related to the same incident, the Prosecutor General’s Office had previously told the Criminal Court that it had 11 witnesses prepared to testify against Ghafoor, proving that he was in possession – and under the influence – of alcohol when arrested.


One thought on “MDP’s Hamed Abdul Ghafoor fails to attend court appearance, cites parliamentary privilege”

  1. Since parliament majority is with MDP and DRP, MDP MP , had put a bill to revoke the punishment for objecting give urine sample to police.

    We are now seen what will happened when a single party gets a majority of the parliament and they will change all the laws to suit thier needs.

    People of Maldives need to wake up and start realizing what Nasheed is after .

    If MDP gets the parliament majority, Nasheed will change the constitution to let him rule this country as a dictator for his life.

    Nasheed does not know what a true democracy is and he is true dictator .


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